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Baby Day Celebration with Tollyjoy in collaboration with OrphanCARE Foundation

Most of us heard of Mother's Day, Father's Day and Children's Day, and Tollyjoy has been great in it's initiating of yearly Baby Day on 8th June 3 years ago, collaborating with OrphanCARE. 

Tollyjoy Baby Day is a special day dedicated to appreciate babies and to honor the significant journey as parents selflessly care and provide for their precious ones. It emphasizes the importance of family, love and care to every child, including the less fortunate.

Thanks Tollyjoy for the invitation in to the eventful afternoon tea at Yellow Apron Café in PJ. Love the décor and we get to write a message to our baby and hang it as part of the décor. Looking at the baby items for display, it’s just like yesterday that I held my 2 babies, and now they are both 9 and 8. They grow up really quick and I am still calling them baby at this age. ;)

Nutrition indeed starts from young, and it’s a need of growing up healthy. I glued on to the talk by Ms Rozanna M. Rosly, Head of Diabetics of UM Specialist Centre as she talks on the importance of nutrition for mothers to be, nursing mother and babies. Do you know baby with cleft palate is due to mothers who eat lots of junk food?
Mothers eating habit directly affect the baby indeed and balance nutrition intake is vital for a baby growth.

Ms Rozanna M. Rosly, Head of Diabetics of UM Specialist Centre showing us preparation of healthy yogurt for the kids

I love the interactive meal demonstration where Ms Rozanna shows how we could prepare healthy yet delicious meals at home. I am lately on the popular “overnight oat” craze now and I tell Rozanna that my kids feel too full and the texture is a bit too thick for them. Both of them feel like puking after eating my so call “healthy breakfast”. Haha.

She showed us to get it done with a more fruits mixture. Crunchy fruit layer made with honeydew cubes layered with thin layer of oats, low fat yogurt and strawberry jam, top up with watermelon juice. Indeed it tastes better, a great snack for kids too.
I like the kiwi banana soybean milk smoothies that she prepared. It’s yummy and just right. As sometimes kiwi is sour, the banana and soybean makes it balanced. Nice indeed and I am going to give this a try. Yay!

Kiwi banana Soymilk

Baby are meant to be loved and the afternoon is filled with good information as we are being introduce by Datin Rashidah Hashim to OrphanCARE, in saving abandoned baby.
If you have not heard of OrphanCARE, I would like to share that they have baby Hatches in Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru and Sungai Petani to provide a safe haven for babies born out of wedlock to young mothers who kept their pregnancies a secret from their families. From 2010 to May 2016, OrphanCARE has successfully matched 171 unwanted babies with adoptive parents. 

Todate, it has more than 1000 waiting list of adoptive parents who registered to adopt babies at their centre.

How it works – OrphanCARE will have a collaboration with Hospitals ie. KPJ. There will be a baby hatches that newly born can be put into. Once baby are in the hatches, the air-conditioning and light will be lit and there will be signal given to KPJ to informed of the newbie’s and baby will then be taken into KPJ for care. Within 24 hours, a police report will be made, and OrphanCARE come into the picture to get these baby adopt by the adoptive parents that they have in the list; on a first in first out basis.

Baby Hatches in KPJ
To ensure that babies are well taken care of, OrphanCARE do lots of background work. They had to interview the adoptive parents if they are mentally and financially good, and a training to be given to potential adoptive parent. OrphanCARE even do home inspection of the adoptive parents to ensure baby have a safe environment and will monitor he family for 2 years under the care of social worker and volunteer. With this, OrphanCARE needs money for their mileage payment to support these volunteers and social workers.

Not only that, OrphanCARE do integrate these children back to their biological parents, whom initially can’t afford to take care of them due to poverty. They would try to raise fund to these families as they believe every child need a family. OrphanCARE do also provide free shelter for pregnant lady who is in their 7th month above, but only could accommodate 2 ladies at a time. Adoptive parent would pay for the upkeep of the said pregnant lady and also medical checkup of the baby.

Thanks to Tollyjoy again for the tea break treat, a great time for us mothers to share our thoughts and a quick chat before heading home. I haven’t had this tea break session for long without kids, so it’s a nice gathering with mummy bloggers.

Our Bingo games session

Congratulations mummies on winning the Bingo game!
Bloggers with Datin Rashidah Hashim from OrphanCARE (far left) and Ms. Grace Ng, Manager of Tollyjoy Corporation (3rd from right)

Lovely decor for the high tea

Much appreciated and hopes that the above info is beneficial to my readers as well. See you again Tollyjoy and OrphanCARE! All the very best and Happy Baby Day 2017 as we celebrate the baby that we love.

Group Photo from Tollyjoy Malaysia ;)

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