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Be Safe when using Travelator- we witness kids shoe got stuck and this is why!

Last Sunday, we witness a foreign worker who just stop the travelator in mid valley LG to B1 just to get the kids shoe who stuck at this hole. Then switch it on back to let the travelator run. We went to the customer service to inform about this and they got it shut and service crew to attend to this. We seriously think that the management could advocate all their staff including foreign workers about safety SOP when incident like this happen. Turning it on back could be hazardous for others. 😦😦😦 not sure this has been replace but take care parents. the hole and the travelator strength could fit in the tiny toe. #mummyblogger #safety #safetyfirst #midvalley #shopping #travelator #danger #kids #hazard #kualalumpur #alert #notice #precaution #note

We do hope the service department will replace the broken pieces. The thing is that when we are communicating with the customer service at B1 she does not seem to take it seriously.

Hope this alerts all and take care when taking the travelator.

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