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Something About Eomeoni Jessie - a PA, a Wife, a Mummy, a Daughter and a Blogger

1)Tell us about yourself.
A PA, A Mummy, A Wife, A Daughter, A Blogger

2)What is your childhood dream? Did you make it happen?
I love travelling, wanted to become an air-stewardess, but my mum say flying is dangerous, and did never pursue that. I still admire life of air-stewardess who able to travel around the world so now making an attempt to travel oversea at least once a year.

3)Describe how you first get into blogging?
I love to write journal since young. I start to blog in 2008 before the arrival of my first child hoping to put every memories of a motherhood and child for our memories. I did stop awhile in between after giving birth to my 2nd child, adjusting to a different motherhood journey coping with her William Syndrome needs. I am here again blogging, but keeping some very personal details out from the blog especially on kids, but will be still sharing more general activity with kids and I wanted to encourage mothers to learn to let go and have some time for themselves looking beautiful too.

4) Besides blogging, what do you do as passion? Do you have other passion to pursue?
I had a full time job now and it has keep me busy since. Other than that, I am equipped with 2 growing up kids which I am passionate in spending more time with them. Time flies and I want to cherish the moment as much that I could.

5)What type of blogger do you want to be( describe which field do you specialise in writing)? Why do you choose to specialise in writing that particular category? Share your thoughts about it.
In general, I am into a lifestyle blogger now sharing the new things in the market, new activity for kids in town.

6) What does the word success means to you?
Be able to do things above your capability. Do not limit your learning.

7)What is your biggest dream now?
To travel to more country to be able to share the experience together with the kids and for the parent readers that it is possible to tag along kids. So do not ever judge a person - one is not rich but it's the priority that we set and are able to go for vacation because EVERYONE deserves a break and we work out for it. So we deserve a fun and good break. ;) 

8) If you are given a million dollars, what would you do with that money?
Setting up a center with facilities for special need children, targeting William Syndrome individuals. Pulling in professionals and educators to form a customized learning for the children.

9) Why not share with us your happiest moment in your life and what encouragement would you give to someone who is at their worst time of their life, someone who is facing depression?
Happiest when I receive my paycheck again after 2 years being SAHM (Stay At Home Mum). Haha! It's not only about the money, but it's the self worth and self development that I cherish.
Live out of guilt, mummies, there is no right or wrong being SAHM or FTWM. It's a choice, whatever makes you happy. Do not fear. Face it and good times will come. Just a matter of time, and I am speaking as a mother who has once face downturn before. What have I learn? Compassion, live fully, love.

10) What is your proudest achievement or accomplishment you have achieved in life?
My first pageant after motherhood that bags the title "Parenthood's Modern Mum and Baby of the Year 2008" with Jaden.
Getting to dance on stage for the very first time, and turning a pregnancy dress and sew as an umbrella during pageants. A lasting memory - something that you put effort on normally gives me a sense of accomplishment.

11)can you name some of your favourite bloggers and why? Who would you love to collaborate with?
Aunty Lily - Follow Me to Eat La. Love how she is very detail in every picture that she took and her passion in food.
My Sister Pooi Yee who encourage me to get back to blog - that really heals the soul. And Tammy Lim, following her quietly and proud of her passion on her Butterfly projects that pulls in beauty bloggers together.

12)What would you say that is the biggest challenge about blogging?
Time to do a quality content, be it on products, services or tips. One really need to put effort in every detail to make it beautiful and perfect. I spent a lot of time trying to get the blog up on my expectation, did lots of finding on how each templates, sliders, html, seo works in the blog. The blog is mine and I want it to be up to my expectation. It need to be functional, easy browsing.

Another is that some PR wanted us to try on the product and give a feedback within one week. I would think cream specific to treat certain condition like mosquito sting, asthma, stomach gas, pimples, and products like sun tan, slimming programme, whitening cream, just to name a few. These need some time to see the affect. If we did not get stomach discomfort or mosquito bite, I wouldn't say it's good for healing when I cant find any efficiency in it aka no mosquito bite in the week, or I can't even slim up in a week. 

13)What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being blogger?
a) Meeting peoples and sharing of information. For someone like me who love to journal, I did not talk a lot, this gives a social platform for me to mingle with others, sharing resources.

b) Reaping the awards upon working on projects. Happiest moment recently winning 1st prize of Friso Blogger contest that involves the kids and we won Club Med Cherating trip with some cash. It was our 1st time to Club Med and the experience is fantastic!

Loving the night party, the sailing, kayaking, releasing baby turtle to the sea, couple zen place, family time, the sun and the sea!
Thanks #Friso #Clubmedcherating 
b) Being able to involve the kids and getting them to experience on events and activities, family involvement, marriage time.
Having to share the experience especially the marriage journal from our MixFM Love Contract experience. Blog is a medium of sharing.
My big boy at work. Parenting has been exciting as they are growing up. Precisely being you have to find activities for them to occupied their time. Thanks #CLAIREORGANICS.
14) If you have a magic ward, what is the one thing you would ask for and why?
A PA who clear up the piling laundry, clean up the mess, sort out all my paperwork, cook, ironing, driving the kids, weekly marketing for groceries, tutor the kids. So that I could do more? Haha.

15)What advice would you give to other aspiring bloggers? any general advice to those have big dreams?
There is no short cut in blogging and not a one day effort, you need to keep going and have some passion in sharing with others. There is fun times, there is deadlines from PR too. There may be some times where there is conflict between having to blog about the products or sharing your actual thoughts due to limitation of time.

Also do remember to safeguard your blog content and picture, especially when we are dealing with kids. Have fun blogging, have fun sharing!

Miss all of you guys!

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