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Atmosphere Drive In-Car air treatment from AMWAY

Everyday I would spent about 3 hours in the car. Commuting to work, sending and picking up the kids. Long hour driving is pretty tiring and you can't avoid kids eating in the car. The next thing is either you end up making a mess and smells like a Big Mac burger or fries.. well... smells will trap in the car. 

Traffic jam is another culprit. When the air conditioning filter is not working so well, the air pollutants inside the car would be worse. Kids are sneezing, rubbing his nose and tissue is everywhere in the car. Haha. Sounds dramatic but it's a true case. I had a quick video in youtube and my son gives me a quick review as he has nose allergy. 

After a day or two his condition improves and he mention that he saw dust going in to the filter and he is happy about it.

Now lets check out the detail function of the new Atmosphere Drive by AMWAY. All of us know that Amway has been taking care of our nutrition and now, am glad that Amway is also helping us on having cleaner air to breath in the car.

Here is something from their page:

The ATMOSPHERE DRIVE Car Air Treatment System is a self-installed in-vehicle air purification system that leverages the proven ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier filtration technology to provide you better air quality within your car. With a 99% removal rate of pollutants (PM2.5) and unparalleled performance, the ATMOSPHERE DRIVE Car Air Treatment System is the first of its kind to carry the Allergy UK seal of approval. Our system maintains the superior performance in terms of Clean Air Delivery Rate – 30m3/h CADR.

Some of the features are:

  1. Combined filter (3-in-1) – Consist of Pre-Filter, Particulate Filter, and Carbon Filter, helps to reduce 99% of harmful particles (PM2.5) in vehicle.
  1. 30 CADR – Efficient air flow, offers superior performance in terms of Clean Air Delivery Rate.
  1. Adjustable Fan Speed – Low, High and Auto
  1. Noise Level – Not exceeding 55dBa
  1. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) – Automatic filter reset and counterfeit prevention.
  1. Strap – Velcro strap is included for mounting
  1. 4M cord – For flexibility and cord management
  1. 3 input vents – 1 large output vent in front. Demonstrates significant air flow.
  1. Particle sensor readings – Real-time air quality monitoring.
  1. First and only car air purifier to receive the Allergy UK Seal of Approval

Next I shall show you their packaging and insights when I un-box it earlier that morning.

It comes with a unit of "Atmosphere Drive", instruction manual, a car charger and a velcro strap

This is how the filter inside the unit looks like after opening the plastic. You just need to click the filter in and you will never go wrong on this. Below picture shows the whiter side will be facing the bottom.


The velcro strap will need to slide in to the holder with the atmosphere wording on top. Go across and make it into a loop.

Above is the front unit and it's a pretty simple unit. You may press for low, medium and high fan speed. I personally like the low fan speed as the high fan speed is a bit noisy. There is also a monitoring and an indication of the in-car air quality - green indication being healthy and red meaning you need to either change the filter as the air is bad.

I like the unit overall. Only that it would be really great if they have like a dual function - inclusion of the USB port in their car socket so that I could charge my phone at the same time.
Nevertheless, I would still want this unit to protect the kids against harmful bacteria and any other allergens. 

Where To Get This?
AMWAY Atmosphere Drive RM1,887.50, one-year warranty. 
Filters are priced at RM377.50 per unit.

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