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Medifoods at TTDI

It was a great hang out place last week with my sis. Tagging a few kids together for a gather is not easy and you will need a place with probably ice cream and snack to get them in tact. Most important a place where it's easy to park our car within our sight.

We found Medifoods at TTDI. Unlike others similar eatery place, the menu has 3 colour code of which one is for vegetarian. There is also an indication for gluten free option (which means the chicken and fish served are gluten free). From the Menu, it features western and fusion and some comes in a set menu. Alternatively, there is a section of Medifoods Delight that features all vegetarian foods. (You may top up RM6-RM7) if you want to add meat to the vegetarian option.

Below is some snapshots of their menu. There is few popular dish that you must try- Kwai Fah Mee, Nasi Lemak (which comes in 3 types of sambal - spicy, dry - tumeric, and sweet sambal), Cranberry monkey head mushroom, kailan double style, bitterguard salted egg and lemon grass chicken.


The highlight of their salad is their special dressing - it comes in two (sweet basil dressing and another papaya and plum). Both is to mix together and love the aroma of basil - just right for that healthy diet.


Lemongrass chicken

Cranberry monkey head mushroom
kailan double style

This ain't simple corn rice, but its basmati rice with lentils.
Pasta taste a bit bland but it's healthy. Replacing fattening cheese and cream with oat embryo powder. 

Soup is yummy as she finish her whole bowl

Pizzas are all vegetarian. At one sight, I would thought that I order Hawaiian chicken, but it's pure vegetarian. Its in medium crust. Kids love it.

Besides serving food, Medifoods do have organics groceries for sale. If you are uncertain on what to get, what to cook, there is a nutritionist who would be able to help as they believe food as medicine. The owner is a nutritionist by profession, so you know you will be in good hand when it comes to quality and choices of food. There is a TV in the restaurant broadcast how to cook healthy meals.

We found out that we could enjoy our nasi lemak at Medifood in a healthy manner at Medifoods too. They use this Oat Embryo powder which substitute coconut milk/ creamer. You would not worry on fats anymore when you dine in at Medifood craving for your curry noodle, kaya, mee rebus or even pasta. 

They serves very filling banana walnut shakes. 

Juices are serves in "tubes". You can finish in 3 sips. Hehe I guess worth to pay for the special presentation. 

Lastly the kids love desserts, I mean who donts, check out these small lovely lollipops ice cream.

If you are busy and need a delivery option, you can place your order through honestbee. 

...and kids love the ice-cream banner outside the restaurant. Haha.

Do check out their Breakfast buffet at RM16.50 weekdays 7.30am till 10.30am and weekdays at RM18.00 per pax from 7.30am to 11.30am.

Medifoods does have outlets in SS2 and bandar Sri Damansara but both outlets are pure vegetarian.

For our readers, you may visit the outlet and give them this code #MFMP376 for a 10% discount on all food in the menu.

Where is This?
Medifoods TTDI
127, Jalan Aminuddin Baki,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,


We had another visit during lunch 1 month after and Medifoods do serve mixed rice too. We ordered from the menu and portion is relatively smaller. Well, would appreciate if they smile more as we didn't feel welcome.

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