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Hug therapy for my kids

How time flies. See my two happy bunny! The elder one when he lean on me for a hug now...i had to somehow get ready myself to sustain his weight. Haha. They always ask for #Huggies #Huggies

Blaming on busy schedule - that's me, a working mother of two. I had not given enough time to be with them during the day. Maybe that's why I do cherish every moment with them. It need not be a fantastic dinner or an exciting fun fair outing to keep us together but just a little time at night listening to their little story while hugging them tight is all they need.

How many of us remember to give our kiddos a hug when they are elder. Still remember how we use to cuddle them all the time when they are at their baby milestone? The love, affection and pure comfort? The moment when they stop crying and lean on us, knowing everything will be okay. An action of hug give kids and parent an untold connection. It gives the child the confidence and knowing that they would be safe and can count of us if life out there is shaky and uncertain.

 Have you seen this video clip by #huggies? Thanks for the reminder and I need to keep telling myself to hug them more.

Remember to hug them now - They will be growing up really quick before we know it. It does not need a perfect venue or time. It could be just by a feeling of love.

Happy parenting and happy Huggies!

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