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Music on the go with my new Edifier W310BT

I love wireless stuff when it comes to gadgets. Yes, I know that wired ones may be more accurate when it comes to computer mouse, but not headphones.

Many thanks to Inter-Asia and Edifier Malaysia, I got to review this new Edifier W310BT and it look so cool in red. Out in the market soon and let's see how it fits to a lifestyle of a mother - that's me!

Edifier W310BT comes with Bluetooth V4.2 technology for a more stable signal transmission, and has an incoming call vibration with phone voice control functions.

Here is how it's packaging looks like:

The charger

Why I love it?

Besides convenience, I like the fact that it is in a cool U-shape design, lightweight and doesn't have dangling wires that I need to manage. Especially when it comes to listening to music with kids around, they somehow or rather got my wire hooked on their hands or shirt buttons and I am dragged along with them. (Safety concern. haha)

This enable us to turn our head left and right without being affected by the dangling conventional wire.

I do not need to twirl the wire to keep it. Edifier W310BT has a soft neckband. For those who are wearing collared tee, you may hide the neck band behind the collars for the neat look.

Best is it has a magnetic rear ear shell that clips together neatly whenever you don't need it for your added convenience.

Great to use especially when I am at the gym, all I need is to have it on Bluetooth, and I can enjoy the music myself, without interrupting others. I love to have it on too while having me time, relaxing on the couch with soft music before bed.

The earplug had a semi-circle rubber that will secure the earplug to the ear. It comes with 3 set of earplugs, 2 sets as a replacement.

It is comparable with good quality headphones in terms of treble and bass. High frequency is ok. Low frequency is as good as full-scale headphones.

I feel that it has a good coverage of Bluetooth. I could be 30ft away with a partition in between at home and I still got the connection. Not bad at all. I could barely hear ambient noise while wearing so it's another plus point.

I have to admit there are some improvements and cons to it and...

I have to admit there could be some improvements to it...

This piece needs to be set to Bluetooth function each time before I use it, instead of plug-in and using it directly. It needs to be charged as well.

It will need "a space" for storage, but you can just leave it on the table, hang it on the PC screen or on the piano as a decor, it looks good too. In comparison with bigger headphones in the market, Edifier W310BT is so much more space saving but this unit will need a little more space compared with headphones that can be twirled to keep.

If it comes with an adjustable neckband would be good, and the magnetic earplugs could be adjusted in.

To have more colour variants - currently available colours are white, black, and red.

A little drawback is when the volume button is pressed continuously, it's being forwarded to the next sound instead of increasing the volume.

There is an indication when the volume reaches the maximum, which is good. It also cuts off the music on that spot and continues thereafter. Would prefer it to fade off rather than a cut-off.

The call button at Edifier W310BT indicates voice command but it would be great if it could indicate the last call. ;) (I know we want it all....)

Nevertheless, it is really a cool and functional unit to own.

Had tried on this unit on my kids, but it's not suitable for my younger child who is 9 as the earplugs won't fit.10 years old is still fine.

Have a great weekend ;)

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato


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