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Create a family bonding games moment and be creative with Nerf Nitro.

Family bonding is important to my family being us, the parents are working full time and we appreciate family games during the weekend. One of the brand that we found in Lazada is Nerf and we are into NERF Nitro recently. We like the fact that we can engage with the kids with the toy that they like, instead of giving them what we think they should play.

Here is some benefits of family bonding games:
a. They are not into screens, be it TV or Ipad (Yay! Plus point) and for us, no phones!
b. Engagement with parents, the kids talk to us, we share the game mechanism
c. Kids could share their favourite toys with us and that improves communication.
d. A small team building at home when it involves creative thinking, towards a common goal.
e. Having fun together in games, complement to the constant discipline, nagging, homework etc. For the kids to acknowledge that we can be a fun parents too. Haha.
f. Foster better relationship
g. Acceptance of victory and failure, the fact of life.
h. Building self confidence when they make things right. (in this case, accuracy based on speed)

Nerf Nitro is not really boy gender games, as even my girl like it - it's pretty much easy to launch the blaster and this indirect improves her motor skill. Well, you need a little strength to launch it.

There are a wide selection to choose from and with different accessories that you can be creative with:

1. Nerf Nitro Throttleshot Blitz
2. Nerf Nitro Flashfury Chaos
3. Nerf Nitro Duelfury Demolition
4. Nerf Nitro Foam Car
5. Nerf Nitro Single Stunt and Car
6. Nerf Nitro Aerofury Ramp Rage
7. Nerf Nitro Double Clutch Inferno
8. Nerf Nitro Speedloop Stunt Set

Both dad and son is crazy with it and it is a fun, active and social-able play. 4 of us join in and had so much laughter as we take turns, no experience required and four of us could create our own tricks to be able to compete with each other.

Check out our video:

As seen here, dad is fast with his strategy and he won with victory, love this shot! Haha.

This is an awesome Christimas Gift and you may check out Hasbro (NERF) official page at : Lazada.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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