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Housework and Discipline matters for kids

Housework is never a favourite thing to do for anyone, but yet we had to work on it for a cleaner and healthier environment to stay at. While I am exploring vacuum cleaner, I am also exploring into how it brings in discipline for kids to manage housework, a basic life skill that they need when they grow up. There are many options in the market and we got ourselves a Gtech Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum recently due to it's easy function and lightweight, even the kids had no problem handling it. 

Jaden had a mild sinus since young. He had hard time tolerate dust, and he would sneeze early in the morning. I am sure this sounds familiar to parents who has a similar situation. Dust could be everywhere, from the sofa, carpet, floor, soft toys, curtains, clothing and I would't be surprise if there is more on the mattress.

Some studies shows that dead skin collected on mattress and around the house is from our dead skin.

“In one year, you'll shed more than 3.6 kg of dead skin. It gets even grosser: Your house is also filled with trillions of microscopic life forms called dust mites that eat your old dead skin.”

While we can't ignore dust existence, we could do a good practise at home with my 10 and 9 years old kids. Here are some sharing on how we could make housework a simpler chores for them, using our newly bought Gtech Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum:

a) Kids could handle this lightweight, cordless and portable vacuum for cleaning their soft toys ie. teddy!

b) They could help with simpler chores like vacuum the sofa, mattress, keyboards and corners of the house. 

c) Using a brush tool that comes with the vacuum to clean the dust that trapped in between keyboard keys.
d) Clear the laundry, vacuum the inner drawers before folding their clothes and place it into the drawers neatly. 
e) Finding their lost toys underneath the sofa with the vacuum search light is a plus point during vacuum. Kids got their toys back and we gets a helper to do the chores. Ticked!
f) It's easy to lock and unlock the dust bin. They could empty the dustbin without hassle and could clean the filter by running water for few minutes. 
g) Remove the battery with a click and recharge 4 hours for it's next 20 minute usage. 

Yay! Part of the chores are delegated. Happy mother, happy family. Well, parents cant be doing everything for them and do you agree that the benefits of discipline children is not limited to:

 a) They will be more focus on long term goals. There is no short cut in getting the house clean, hence the hard work and getting satisfied for the result - cleaner home makes them happy that they are part of the small achievement.
b) Kids are more emotionally stable over time as they could solve problems better, hence avoiding depressions and anxiety.
c) Consistent doing house chores makes it part of their duty and it would be part of them when they grow up. 

Here is my verdict if you want to get a unit of Gtech Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum:
a) It comes with lots of accessories to target different usage.
b) I can use it in complement to the GTech Air Ram (which is for flooring), to reach sides of cupboards, mattress, inner compartments, curtains and even upholstery.
c) Easy to navigate around the house compares to cords unit. It free the attachment to the socket which we have problem reaching out to further area and the conventional machine stopped.
d) Like the feature that it can store one of the accessory in the vacuum itself, and it's the regular one that we use.
e) Useful to vacuum the car too as its portable after charge.
f) What I like most is the indication bar on the remaining power left. It would not leave us to stop cleaning mid way which is good as we had no so much time to spare especially working weekday.
What’s more - it's a small portable charger, size of my palm that I can bring outstation together with the lightweight unit which only consumes 100W electricity, despite being powerful.

g) Highlight is I never know how much dust that my mattress collected until I vacuum it. Ewww...

h) It made even more convenient getting the dust out from dryer filter before washing.

In comparison with the similar vacuum in the market that has similar or higher suction power, I like the fact that Gtech vacuum is more effective as the "Air Flow Rate" makes more dust will be able to bring into the bin. 

You may want to try one yourself. Do check out Gtech WebsiteFaceboook or their official store at Lazada as they are now running a Christmas promo.

Here is the latest combo deal too:

Till then. Christmas greetings in advance and Happy Holiday.

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