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Importance of Creative Learning and Not to Ignore Life Skill in childrens.


Jaden loves to draw and surprise us with his creation. He can draw everyday until his desk is swamped with papers. At times I am a bit OCD that I threw some of his drawings. Last year I gave him lots of tuitions as I think he need to at least pass his Mandarin subject. It was then link to Maths in mandarin and science in mandarin. This year he tell me, "Mum, I want some free time to do my own things. I doesn't want tuition."

Many of us parents are paranoid when kids doesn't follow our instruction. It leads to anger parents and rebellious children.

This year I follow his cue. No extra Tuition at night, he has his free time doing what he likes while I starts to google and asking around what else he can do with drawings.

Creative thinking is what drawings about.  They create stories - painters, architect, designers, artist and many others. They evolve around creative content to creative products.

Hence, exposing children early to various activities out of classes and home is important to cultivate more ideas and knowledge for self development. Think again if you have been giving kids only iPad or tab to play with. They would be missing eye contacts, showing sign of hands eye coordination problem at young age, missing on human connection and poorer communication skills?

Life skill is fairly important too at such they could at least clean up their own mess and be a more responsible adult to be. Life skills do include social etiquette and presentation skills.

In search of these, I found a school nearby - Mont Trinity that collaborate with Edutrain education that offers Creative Camp for Jaden's age this school holiday from March 25 to 28.

Creative entrepreneurship, one of the topic and activity covered is something interesting and the content is spot on what I have been looking for. Had enroll him in and can't wait to share what he has learn and how he benefits from this camp next week!

Do check them out and see you there!

Where Is This?


017-828 2811 / 017-202 0893

No. 2-G, Jalan PJU 5/22, The Strand, Kota Damansara,47810 Petaling Jaya.

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