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RoboThink Malaysia - The American STEM edu-tainment program for children

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education has been a hit with kids nowadays given the need of technology and software that gives kids more hands on experience. Checking out RoboThink at Centre point Bandar Utama during their grand opening today and kids had a solid 3 hours here. Lots of self-discovery and exploration using the amazing robotics kit and the specially designed bricks to design and build robots of all shapes, sizes and functions. They are encouraged to build but make modifications or re-design as they see fit. We met with lots of kids who were all very eager to try their hands at building, coding and playing with the robots.

The centre is an explosion of robo-tastic interior with minimalist furniture, fun colourful wall decals and neatly arranged robotics kits. 

RoboThink’s Global CEO, Mr. Danny Park officiate the new centre and plans to open more than 50 RoboThink learning centres in Malaysia over the next 5 years. They are looking forward to educate the next generation of leaders to lead the charge in the 4th Industrial Revolution in Malaysia.

RoboThink allows future engineers, tinkerers and builders from as young as 5 years old to explore the exciting world of STEM through these programmes:  

1. RoboThink Junior Programme is designed for students between 5 to 7 years old. It combines robotics and coding with software that is easier and friendlier to use by kids of that age. There are 3 levels with 12 lessons in each level.

2. RoboThink Robotics Programme is meant for students above 8 years old with over a hundred unique build models ranging in all sorts of shapes, sizes, functions and difficulty, the students never need to repeat a build twice. There are 6 levels in the Robotics Programme with 12 lessons each.

3. Students above 8 years old can opt for RoboThink Coding Programme. It teaches students the principles of programming, the language of the computer. It dives into more complex coding topics that may or may not use the robotics hardware. Nevertheless, some of the coding lessons still do involve the robotics hardware to keep it fun and hands-on.

Where Is This?

RoboThink Bandar Utama 

S8, Second Floor, Centrepoint3 Lebuh Bandar UtamaBandar Utama47800 Petaling Jaya


Facebook: facebook.com/robothinkmalaysia
Instagram: @robothinkmalaysia

Located at Centrepoint One Utama

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