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School holiday with Art, Craft and Creativity at Mont Trinity with Edutrain Planet

School holiday should not be be tagged with the convenience of giving kids gadgets. It should be a learning weeks, and we are checking out EduTrain Planet holiday camp that make learning so much fun. It was a packed week with creative thinking, entrepreneurship, presentation skills, lots of hand eye coordination activities and thinking out of the box. This camp is run by 2 experience tutors, Ms Penny Low and Ms Queenie Yaw, who came from a strong creative background, and Jaden brings back a strong value home last school holiday, hence am happy to share this with you.

Love his creation. Never limit kids to just follow our path, follow our way, follow our creation, let them create their own. Tadaaa....
Movable puppet with tacks. 

Loves how art creates conversation between us, as I try to understand what he draws. "What is this potato here riding a bicycle?", I asked him after his first day class. No mum, this is my finger print. Owhhh... and we draw and create our own tag with our drawings.

Then he did a lovable shark mask, which I mistaken as his favourite Godzilla. With a giggle, he told me that he don't only limit himself with Godzilla now.

Students creation are being placed in EduTrain Planet facebook page for sale too! 
Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

Sports inclusive of table tennis and badminton too. Happy that he made some friends of different age.

When kids get together, mould their own flour to rice cake aka. Pau, steam and eat it - oh, so much of satisfaction! 

Cheeky boy making a gigantic pau. Perfect for his gigantic body size. LOL

Beautiful creation of students

Sing Along session and everyone is entertained.
Some sharing and bonding moments

The kids learned some creative photography and videography for social media and it turned out great! Check out these pictures! Don't they look amazing?

Talking about health, the principal and founder of Mont Trinity, Mdm Hong is very particular on home cook food for children, and Jaden loves the barley water and lunches.

Check out some facts about Mont Trinity School and EduTrain Planet! Mont Trinity Education is a new-age boutique-sized education provider located at Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya which offers Kindergarten, Primary Education and Secondary Education (based on Cambridge IGCSE). Mont Trinity also places emphasis in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia for all levels. They utilize STEAMS, strength-based student development as well as project-based learning methods for all their students. This enables an individualized learning experience for students and better prepare them to face the real world.'

One of the school setting that I like is the Busy Boards! Perfectly done for Kindergartens students. I had a brief walkabout the other day with founder, Pastor Hung. Mont Trinity occupied 3 floors.

EduTrain Planet believes in making learning fun. Hence they curate and check on all the programmes that they offer to make sure that it is top notch and well received by all participants. Programmes at EduTrain Planet are open to all ages starting from 5 years old to those in the adult+ category.

Do contact Ms Penny Low or Ms Queenie Yaw at 017-8282811/ 017-2020893, for your personalised holiday program or check out their upcoming school holiday creative camp!

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