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Letting kids go to toilet on their own

4 years ago, time flies and now he is off to toilet on his own, without momma...
Yes, I am in a phase that I am not convince to let my kids go to toilet on their own. Well, this usually happens when I bring both on outing without my hubby. Challenges come when my son wants to go to toilet.

I would say, follow us together and I lured him to female toilet. Yes, I still thinks he is a baby boy, and I have thousands of "What If" if I let him wait for me outside a public washroom. He would either reluctant and says he don't need to go to toilet as embarrass or moaned with a sour face. That's a girl toilet mum, I want to go to a boy toilet and everyone is looking at me!

Until a day at an event, one of the mother give me a statement. OMG, your boy is now 11 years old and he is really big enough to go to toilet on his own. Just get him to wait outside. Mine as well. They are on their own.

Later that day, I had a parenting talk with hubby to manage all my "What If". Well, we concluded that our fatty boy is a bit heavy to drag, so he is OKAY to go toilet on his own and to wait outside the toilet. Unless your child is skinny like our Ms A, and doesn't know how to shout in case of emergency, bring her in together. While my other girlfriends says it's also not comfortable for other ladies to be seen by a boy, well he is tall and particularly like a teenage, so its a no no to have a teenage in the ladies.

So here I am, letting go and he is on his own, and he is a much happier boy going to a boy toilet.


As for Ms A, I am trying with her managing her own business in one toilet compartment on her own. Close the door yourself and flush, and wait until mummy says done and you come out together.

She is practicing it at current, but last week, I am like a maniac finding her but no where to be seen. Our family is on a briefing event and daddy and son is listening at a hall, 2 min walk away. After ladies, Ms A is no where to be found. Helplessly, I search all around as there are a lot of walkways. Conclusion, she is back with her dad sitting at the hall, smiling at me. Hey, Mummy! She got a bit lectured from us, but yes she is 10 years old, William Syndrome and she is able to manage her way back herself. I am proud even he at me at a crazy state searching all around. I still says, Wow, good girl coming back to your seat, but next time, please wait for mummy or just tell me. "okay", she say.

Happy Parenting. Letting go ain't easy but you will make your way there. Just have to put in a little trust. Cheers.

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