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Menstrual Pain and Cramp Free with my new EmrysHome & Flexwarm Menstrual Pain Relief Heat Belt

Menstrual cramp and pain happens to every female, be it if you are a girl, a mum, a gynae yourself, and even celebrity like Angelababy encounters the same problem in their life once, as long as you are a female. Not to mention the cramp and pain flares up our mood and all we need is someone to understand the monthly thing that we are going through. It's mothers day yesterday and hubby got me a Menstrual Cramp Warming Belt from EmrysHome & Flexwarm.

I like the lightweight packaging and best of all I can bring it to the office, and use it while doing my chores. He mention it comes in 2 colours and he chooses the green soothing colour for me. This warming belt uses super thermal insulation materials and it feels comfortable on me. 

I am comparing to my old warming pack that I bought from a kiosk last time. It's very bulky with water filled, same using electric to warm it up. However, due to its rounded size, the side doesn't really touch the stomach surface, so I had to move it around often. 

With my new EmrysHome & Flexwarm Menstrual Pain Relief Heat Belt, it's so much easy to handle. Best is the strap is adjustable, comfortable to wear and I would think its suitable for everyone. 

By having a power bank associate with it makes it convenient, lesser the risk of tripping over the electric wiring. Temperature could be adjusted too and there are indication on the battery level. I can now easily strap this warming belt while doing house chores, playing with the kids, while teaching them home works or even during light exercising.

The temperature can be adjusted and there is an indication. I always like the red 65 degree Celsius mode as its warmer and soothing especially during menstrual to ease the cramp. 

For me, I like the fact that not only it comforts the menstrual cramp, but having a warm stomach or uterus area can improve metabolism, healthier blood flow, and create heat within the body. 

If you have heard this "The healthier the uterus is, the better and younger looking they are"? 

Inner health is utmost important many has overlook it. Yes, we can cover our imperfection with make up and our beautiful dresses, but only with a good health, warmer uterus, it gave us that radiant complexion, smiles without the monthly menstrual pain that keep us going. 

Its packed in a nice box and it could be a great gift to your girlfriend or mum! 

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