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Cow Sense for Parents: 5 Books Giveaway this Mother's Day!

Parenting is definitely not an easy task when it comes to raising children, and yes kudos to us who are without maid. I had 2 children on my own and can't imagine if I had four. Surely driving crazy but Lydia Teh manage it all, sharing her story in her 11th book, a compilation of her Family Teh Time column in theSun newspaper, which will be published by Mph in May. There are 100 short chapters in the form of FAQs on parenting issues. 

How do I really survive parenting? We really need some common "Cow" sense like Lydia cover book says. Haha. Experience and to work it out with your children as mother's know best. I can assure you kids are super creative, they just often in their selective hearing aka not wanting to hear us.  

Can't wait to read about the practical tips to make your parenting journey more fun and bearable?

Malaysianparenting.com is glad to collaborate with Lydia Teh to give away 5 copies of her book to our readers. Simple as: 

2. Tell us how Parenting without maid be like in the comment below this blog.
3. Hashtag #malaysianparenting #lydiateh #cowsenseforparent

We would select the winners based on best caption.

Here is some info about the book, Cow Sense for Parents.
Back jacket blurb

“When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.”
ERMA BOMBECK, author and newspaper columnist

All parents would have gone through their playpen phase, whether their little darlings are angels, devils or something in between.

Lydia Teh sure did. She has survived the harrowing years of raising four children without a maid and lives to write the tale.

During her home-making tenure, she learnt to write. Her articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and web portals. This book, her eleventh, is a compilation of her weekly column “Family Teh Time” in The Sun, which was published from 2013 to 2018.

She doesn’t profess to be a parenting expert; her writing is informed by her own experience and that of other parents. She also gleaned advice from what experts and psychologists published online.

Nevertheless, young parents will learn from this book that, with some cow sense and a good dose of humour, parenthood need not be a hair-raising experience. 

About the Author

Lydia Teh spent 17 years as a stay-at-home mother before venturing out to operate a franchised English-language centre.

She has a Certificate of Proficiency in English and a Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning. She is also a HRDF certified trainer.
She has no formal parenting qualification; whatever credentials she has in this field is gained in the University of Family Life. For testimonials, kindly refer to her four children.

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  1. Being a mom is nv easy..especially dealing with toddlers these days who can operate the iPad like a pro n better than yourself but can’t even handle a pencil..they learn too fast and God knows what will b the words that they try to defend themselves from moms rules..ever since I had my kid..I nv stop screaming n shouting...yup...my neighbors r clear of what is happening..I try to correct myself most of the time or change the way to challenge my 35yo..but...ended up..the rotten works the best 🤣 n still the screaming and repeating words makes them hear...LOUD AND CLEAR..I gotta admit..parents these days really need a lot of advise on cow sense to deal with a bull.
    #malaysianparenting #lydiateh #cowsenseforparent