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Best Deep Fried pork knuckle and dimsum platter in town at Royal Canton

We are here this weekend afternoon to try out the Best Deep Fried Pork Knuckle that a lot people is shouting about recently, and also the unique dim sum platter at Royal Canton, nestled at the quiet DC Mall 2nd floor. Well, for a very nice seafood, you don't need to go to Klang or Kuala Selangor as their Clam Beehoon is very nice too. Check out our findings and Royal Canton mouth watering dishes that we had.

We ordered one dim sum platter to share as we wanted to try their famous pork knuckle dish and others.

Dim Sum platter with a total of 9 delightful Dim Sum. Just to note that Dim Sum varieties may differ and subject to availability. He is over the prawn dumpling and he says the prawn is big and fresh. 

I am sincerely not a big yam cake fan, so as my family. But, we give it a try as was told we have to try this. Yes it is, soft in texture, with dried shrimp aroma that melt in the mouth. Have to agree that is nice and very filling too. 

When it comes to bacon, who would say no? And with Enoki mushroom, the kids storm on it and yes, it's very flavourful and tasty. The bacon is intact on the enoki even after you have a bite, it doesn't loose up. So definitely the preparation "kung fu" is important. Thumbs up.

Special sauce tofu meat roll is nice too. 

There is also these ongoing promotions and it's available throughout the day at the time of our visit. We ordered lala and OFFCOURSE the Pork Knuckle!!!

Save the best for last and let me get this Lala Steam in Superior Soup to your sight first. We like the fact that the superior soup includes the 10 years above "Chew Heng" wine that makes it delicious.

It's to add on to the bee hoon in a bowl and we ate it all up. 

Next is our most awaited Deep Fried Pork Knuckle. It's super crunchy and flavour is just nice that you can eat it on its own. Full with collagen I would regards its tendon. Soft yet chewy. We would be back again for this definitely. No pork smell, nicely done.

Desserts time and we had red bean with lotus nuts, Tong Yuen with osmanthus flower drinks, herbal jelly and sago melon. Sago melon is sweet, whereas the others good to our liking. Do give Royal Canton food a try!

Where Is This?
Royal Canton @ DC Mall
Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

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