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Why worry on curtain, sofa cover and carpet when you can just utilise Pressto's pick and drop service?

I had been on a supermum mode lately trying to juggle between event, blog and housework like Black Widow from Avengers. Haha...Yes, definitely no time for these - curtain, sofa cover and carpet. Occasionally I did powder the carpet with baking soda and vacuum it, but over time, my carpet odour still have a little, and yes its colour did not look as bright as before.

My curtain was an omigosh story. I didn't realised there was a hole in it until Pressto's expert came in to examine before bringing it to the centre to dry clean and wash.

Horrified, that is my beloved curtain that I bought from Niki Cain and I don't think I could get the exact same now. And getting any laundy shop to handle it would means a gone case but Tony (Pressto's delivery team) told me they will try to find a solution on it once they consulted their sewing partner. Means they have their own alteration department. Perfect!

Here they are seen examining the curtain one by one.

Found another hole at one of the curtain
I had to highlight that it's not advisable to remove the hook before giving it to them as there will be problem putting in the hook in wrong setting - as there are 2,3 or 4 hook and the outcome would be different. 
Here doing the tagging for each curtain - to know which room its for when they assemble it back.

Curtain tagging done

Make sure the hook is intact before giving it to them

I admit I didn't wash it regularly, I think the last time I did was before CNY. These things are heavy.If you ask me why sending it to Pressto - then I could tell you why it's worth it.

Pressto offers pick and delivery, with a minimum spending of RM350, which is about 20kg. An average house will have 3 to 4 sets of curtains and if you have 2 layers each, it would be a lot.
- For a garment pick up, they would do at RM100 minimum.
- Pressto came in to dismantle for you, do a marking in proper, which room it belongs too, the hook location will be identified and marked.
- Identify any holes or mark. In my case big holed and tore.
- Explanation on type of material, which stain can be removed, which can't and the extend of wash.
- They have their own ladder. For very high ceiling like soho unit, they have contractor to dismantle and installation, with cost.

Do allow 2-3 hours for them to dismantle or assemble, depending on customer question, especially first time like me. That's why I decide to give this a blog to answer all the same 101 questions that you may have.

Taking out the curtain using their ladder.
They would first seperate the curtain with defect away from the others. Once the team reach the laundry centre, they would then check with their alteration department on the possible way to repair it. The general process would be then to check total pricing and give a call to us to reconfirm.

That's a lot
Help us to remove the sofa cover to bring it to the centre to wash
Issuing us the order bill and they would call us for a detail quote before proceed to wash.

Can't wait to share with you the outcome after a week once the laundry are all back. Carpet would take longer - about 2-3 weeks for it to be completely dry.

There is a good news for all too. Pressto Asia is kind enough to offer gift voucher to first 20 followers with detail as below:

Followers who are using Pick Up & Delivery Service for curtains or carpets, are entitle for RM100 "The Butler Service" voucher each by quoting "presstomalaysianparenting".


  1. do they have their service in Cyberjaya? because mostly laundry service in here, can't wash curtain or carpet. I have to drive all the way to Puchong to clean my curtain

    1. HI Michelle, yes they do. Do check out this 2 outlet that may be near your place ya. You may utilise the followers voucher code too. Hope this helps.

      Pressto Cyberjaya
      P1-27, Shaftsburry Square
      2350 Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 6
      63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

      03-8322 6689

      Operation Hours
      Monday – Saturday : 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
      Sunday : Closed

      D’Pulze, Cyberjaya
      P-11 DPulze Shopping Centre
      Persiaran Multimedia
      63000 Cyberjaya Selangor

      03-8322 8588

      Operation Hours
      Monday – Sunday : 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.