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Don't get trap by Bubble tea and learn to eat like a Pro with Chan Peng Soon and Goo Chui Hoong

We are always on temptation when it comes to the recent bubble tea craze but do you know it contains 20 teaspoon sugar each cup? Recently we are at a half day workshop conducted by Beko and Ampang Jaya Badminton club and getting some tips from Chan Peng Soon (Olympic badminton silver medallist) how to eat like a pro. He encourage and inspire children in eating right and live healthy.

Chan Peng Soon sharing his own eating habits at Kepong Badminton Academy, his approach to diet and provide us with Olympic level badminton tips and tricks. He encourage his athletes to play a more pro-active role in inspiring the next generation to eat and live healthy. Using the new Beko vacuum Blender, he shows us how to make a delicious green drinks that taste good. 

We may not realised that childhood obesity is a real threat with reports estimating over 70 million obese children around the world by 2025. Beko, with the support from partners FC Barcelona, the Barca Foundation and UNICEF, carried out a worldwide survey in 18 different countries across 13500 children between 6-10 years old to gauge children awareness on sports and healthy living. 70 % kids knew more about sports than healthy eating, of which 80% children states that they would eat healthier food if they knew their favourite heroes did too. Hence the Eat Like A Pro initiative by Beko to address obesity issue and to encourage children to have a healthy diet. 

We met Ms Goo Chui Hoong, a consultant dietician too as she give some tips on how we can incorporate healthy food options into our daily diet and how to make healthy eating more appealing to children. Check out some of her sharing about sugar contents in these drinks, even juices in bottle or cans contains so much sugar and not healthy as it prescribed.

My Lil model has not had enough of the yummy drinks looking at the way she hug the blender jug. 😂😂😂  
It's a refreshing juice indeed on a hot day. Beko new vacuum Blender maintain its juice freshness in the vacuum jar so that greens and apples doesn't oxidize so fast and turns colour. She is enjoying herself indeed with her drinks while we are busy getting some tips from dietician on how to eat right. 

If you want to learn more on Eat Like A Pro campaign, do check out www.beko.my/eatlikeapro
and One Badminton academy Kepong is reachable at 012-3766916,

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