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Mother Daughter Days out at Harley's burger and roasters, 3Avenue Cyberjaya

Girls outing means shopping and eating! 😂😂😂 We had a mum-daughter bonding session at Harley's Burger and Roasters (remember Harley Davidson, then you will easily remember the name) at their buy 1 free 1 promo in their new outlet launching in Third Avenue Cyberjaya. If you love KGB or Carl's junior, burger at @harleysmalaysia is a must have and not to be missed, healthy burgers - and cheaper (oppss). They have another outlet at DC mall too. 

Harley’s Burger and Roasters is a home-grown Malaysian brand and offers 100% real Australian beef patties that are only frozen  after the real beef is ground and form into patties. While their crispy chickens are never frozen and all orders are cooked on the spot to ensure freshness with ingredients used are of high quality. They believe zero artificial ingredients to make simple versions of the classics.  

I love their 2x2 burger, with an upgrade to cowboy style; double the meat and cheese. This is a healthy burger as the beef patty is 100% real beef and satisfying! And best of all, it does look like the burger on their ad. If you are a big eater do try their bigger burger 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 perhaps. That sounds huge!

Here is our 2x2 burger with tender beef patty and delicious sauce to blend with the burger. 

Match with their in house fries (not frozen okay...) salted to perfection and love it! Ms A finished it in minutes... and I had to reorder. 😋

Look how big the crispy fried chicken too. Inside is very juicy.

Let's check out their menu:

Harley's outlet at 3Avenue, Cyberjaya is very spacious and one can choose to dine indoor or outdoor.

A solo singer performing at their opening - it soothes the mood and entertaining too.

Harley's Coffee is another specialty that people would come here for. They brew their own coffee to the flavours they wanted and I came to know that they use Yunnan Pea Berries for their Espresso blend, which means the coffee bean is not the regular half bean but its a full bean that gives the rich aroma. I got myself a pour coffee with 2 slice of cake and it was awesome. Lunch cum teatime. Who doesn't love cakes with coffee? 

Crepe cake is heaven, and our favourite blackforest chocolate cake! 
We would be back for more next time as a family.

Where Is This?

Harley's Burger and Roasters
American Favorites, Quality Ingredients - Freshly Made'.
3rd Avenue, Cyberjaya 

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