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Flaunt your boobies with confident, you just need the right bra

We don't need to have big boobies like Jenniffer Hewitt, Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce or Pamela Anderson to look hot, confident and stunning. We own our body and we have to know it is perfect as it is - be it big or small. If you are a mother like me, I can truly understand how sagging breast disturb us at times. But let us have a positive mind as with these set of breast, we had given the most nutritious first food through breastfeeding and we are so ready of our body changes at that time. Well, things doesn't need to change now. We just need to accommodate to our current size and shape and get a suitable bra for our current boobies and hey! Hot mama on the run and back track again!

Having said that, I went to Triumph Mid Valley today for a fitting as I know I had put on some weight recently. Yes, bra size changes when you have changes in your weight - and yes, you need a new bra. Do you have this good moments when you are a bit plump and you had this fuller boobies size that you are happy about? So, who needs a diet? Haha. Joke aside, this is the latest "Everyday Romance" series that I am eyeing on...

I favour this Triumph outlet in Mid Valley as it's a boutique shop on it's own and I don't feel so "expose" when I got my measurement taken. Haha.

The fitting room is so lovely decorated. On a weekday, I could take my own sweet time and comfort to fit it right before purchase, get some personalised advice on which bra fits me best.

The latest "Everyday Romance T-Shirt Bra" has this breathable and comfort material that suits to wear everyday. It is light (cause it matters and if you have bigger boobies, you don't want to carry another kg, and if you have a smaller boobies, you just feel so light that you feel like not wearing any) and breathability (materials matter so that we don't feel suffocate wearing it all day long). To me, Everyday Romance bra is feminine, fashionable and comfortable.

The design is simple and nice. I've got here the pebble grey colour to match my darker clothings, while soft mauve colour is available too. They even have matching hipster briefs. The lightweight cups are covered with micro fiber for the ultimate comfort during the warmer days, hence breathable. While the smooth cups means this bra is versatile and perfect to be paired with any outfit. Simply love the finished decorative stretchable lace.

I love this back latch the most. Just a perfect piece of bra for my dinner dress and cut in tee. Super happy!

This new Everyday Romance collection are priced at RM 229 while panties range from RM 79.90 to RM89.90. Triumph is having a July promo now on it's Everyday Romance collection and it is worth every penny - 50% on 2nd item with purchase of 1 regular item. Everyday Romance series has a 2 in 1 usage, so it's a steal buy for me.

Yay! wrapping my lovely piece! Triumph mama on the way!

I just missed last month Comfort Touch range, so I am definitely checking out next month deals. I am eyeing on some others awesome lovely lacy collection that they have in store.

Where Is This?
Triumph Store @ F083, 1st Floor, Mid Valley


  1. Thank yoou for sharing this information, many of Woman might don't know about this. I also didn't know about it before until my blood circulation in the chest area is not good, and sometimes I felt pain

    1. Great to hear that It benefit you dear. Yes we really have to find an inner wear that's comfortable to wear.