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Hurry! Buy 1 free 1 promotion on all food item at B Cafe, KK concept store now

Super happy with B Cafe new jelly milk tea. BB tea is now serves with QQJelly and Red Beans as
toppings served in freshly made milk tea.
You would not want to miss this deal as we just gotten our deals. It's in conjunction of B Cafe, KK Concept Store opening opposite Low Yat Plaza. Offers doesn't end after the Buy 1 free 1 promotion on all food item at B Cafe from 20-22 July 2019. There are also 20% off all Bento sets from 23 July to 1st August 2019. It then continue with a 20% off on all make-to-order sandwiched from 12 - 31 August 2019! What to look for? Let's see what we found. 

So many selection of food and local delicacies.
The food sold is truly Malaysian. The range includes Premium Sate Sauce with Kongkung, Asam Pedas Oden (with a Japanese twist), Mala Oden and Clear Soup Oden, Hainanese Chicken Chop, Chicken Rendang Bento Rice, pao and Siew Mai. 

Healthier meal options can be personalise with a range of fresh ingredients to choose from at the Sandwich & Salad bar.

There is also a wide variety of bakery items, such as buns, cakes, cookies and muffins which are sold at all hours of the day.

Fresh bun from Baiwago sold here. 
For dessert lovers, there is even Gelaterio Musang King. Ice-cream lovers will be tempted to try a range of delicious ice-cream treats with popular flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, mango and Musang King gelato and frozen yogurt with 15 toppings to choose from. 

Musang King durian gelato. A resemblance of the "Durian snacks" taste that we had during childhood.
Fries with chicken floss. Goodie
From KK SUPER MART, a 24-hour convenience store chain in Malaysia, the expansion to this concept store aims to offer exclusivity, convenience, affordability, experience and quality
service to every consumer. Its a modern contemporary cafe offering freshly brewed coffee, with a built-up 1000 square feet occupying the upper floor with a relaxed atmosphere.

Here are the everyday essentials area, the KK Super Mart concept on one part of the ground floor.

Switches are made available to charge your gadgets for convenience, for a quick drinks or while waiting for your order at ground floor.

Relaxation area at the upper floor.

It's a nice gathering area upstairs. ;)

A great place to shop and dine for local delicacies, KK is aiming 40 more KK concept store by 2020. 

Where Is This?
KK Concept Store
(Everyday essential and food selection at the ground floor, B Cafe on the second floor) 
54, Jalan Bulan Off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

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