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Save your time to plan and check what we found at TCE baby Expo Mid valley today- with complete brochure!

TCE Baby Expo at Mid Valley this morning filled with hundreds of people this morning and the queue is up till Celebrity Fitness even before it opens. I had a quick one round to check it out with my missy, finding a friend at Nestle booth and here are some promotions finding that may interest you. Hopefully this gives a clear insights to pregnant mummies and parents with younger kids who may want to plan their purchase before you come and there are whole lots of people squeezing like crazy. I did saw some personal shopper offer their services online. It may help too. Do check out the complete brochure that I had scanned for your convenience. If you don't need the brochure, by all means return to them once you exit to recycle. Happy Shopping mummies and daddies. Shop safe!

Rice snacks. Love the cocoa flavour.

Everyone is into this mat this morning. RM69 each only.

Here are the complete brochure:

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  1. If you don't have time to visit this baby expo, I recommend to use baby product , and keep your baby skin moisturise.