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Blender Wars at Kitchen 360 - Best Presenter Award, Best Recipe Award and Most Popular Award

Anyonghaseyo! We love this backdrop and felt very Korean. This is only one part of the showroom and the setup has a great ID touch up with lots of instagrammable backdrop here. We are at Blender Wars event at Kitchen 360, Malaysia’s first and largest comprehensive commercial kitchen showroom at Balakong in search of Best Presenter, Best Recipe and Most Popular kitchen commercial blenders. Besides this, buyers are given a special offer for the day purchase of any blenders on showcase. 

In search of Best Presenter Award, Best Recipe Award and Most Popular Award at Blenders War, Kitchen 360
Chef David host Blender Wars today and it is a gathering of the biggest brands in blenders, namely Vitamix, Robot Coupe, Blendtec, Waring, Kenwood, Santos, Senza Machio and Hamilton Beach. If these names are a stranger to you,  it is actually some of the top brand of commercial kitchen equipment.

These high end blender can be tasked to make puree, jam, mushroom soup, smoothies, juices, crushed ice and many more. We learn what to look for in blender and it includes design, purpose, concept suitability and recipe needed.

Some of the sharing of today on participating brands:

1. Kenwood
Kenwood Blend-X model is very strong with its stainless steel parts. It is trendy, comes with BPA free container, originates from UK, comes with a plunger to ease stirring and easy to wash.
Produce very smooth puree and suitable for fine food like making cinnamon powder, smoothie, mash potatoes and others. Suitable and economical for home use too, I must say.

2. Vitamix
Vitamix is an US product and is powerful for ice crushing. Silence and speed are it's core. Smoothies recipe with high fibre fruits like pineapple can be blended smoothly at only 20 seconds

I like this as it comes with a rounded blade instead of the usual sharp blade. Drinks aste easily prepared in less than 2 min.

3. Robocoupe
Robocoupe is popular with its cooking blender from France and we are demonstrated with pumpkin soup and chocolate tarts.  The machine is very silent even running at 500rpm, 140 degree with timing of 2 min, sauteed garlic.

It comes with a big stainless steel bowl, a side scrapper and suitable for pastry dough, soup, chocolates and other nice dishes from a free recipe book with every purchase. Robocoupe does have safety feature where once the lid open, the machine will stop.

4. Santos
Santos Blender is chic and presentable and it magically does a 10 seconds ice slushies.  That's speedy for commercial use for busy cafe. Santos is famous for its brushless blender, one may also plug in usb to set a duration automatically. This helps to maintain a standard food served everytime and apply an uniformed SOP.

It's Blender functions pushes ingredient up and it folded down to give food a good blend. It passes the sound test being quiet when the blender is on and its speedy.  It has a safety function whereby the machine wouldn't start when the lid is open. It made good ice crushed for oyster bar in hotels buffet and made creamy coconut milk shake. Thumbs up.

5. Blendtec
Blendtec is an USA brand that has ranges of the Worlds Quietest and smartest Blender. Featuring easy to clean jar,  durable safety blade, simple touch interface,  unbreakable drive socket and ultra high speed motor.  We like the smooth texture of its black sesame and peanut paste.

6. Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach® Blenders from US are known worldwide for making smooth and delicious blended drinks. 

The final competition reveals the winner and we have Vitamix who bags the Best Presenter Award, Best Recipe goes to Santos and Most Popular Award is Hamilton Beach.

Photo credit to Chef David Page
Congratulations to all and can't wait to know the next event soon! Perhaps the best mixer downtown. Do join us next time as we would like to tour the whole place again! It's open to public and info can be found at Kitchen Arena Facebook Page

Love this coconut shake from Santos. They deserves the Best Recipe award. Kamshahamnida...

Where Is This?
Kitchen 360
Lot 3210, Jalan Balakong, Kawasan Perindustrian, Kampung Baru Balakong, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

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