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Try this Berry Souffle Cheese recipe with added Lennox Collagen.

Looking at models of SHAPE magazine inspire me to be fit, firm and radiance. However, exercise is not in my list. Cooking is definitely my current hobby and baking is a yes now when I know that I could add in a healthier beauty ingredients, Lennox collagen into the latest recipe that I am making - Berry Souffle Cheese, together with some pretty beauty bloggers from "The butterfly project" headed by mamasan Tammy Lim at ABC Cooking Studio Mid Valley recently. I can't beat aging definitely but adding collagen to my daily routine meal is great as a first step to combat aging. Hello 40's.

Butterflies are all ready listening to a briefing before our baking session starts. 
Next, thanks to ABC Cooking Studio for providing a spacious baking area and there is the great instructor on every table to teach us step by step on how it is to be done. Recipe and ingredients are all provided accordingly. For those wants to learn to bake there are also special classes every day.
There are bread colossus cake pastry culinary cooking and other classes you're that you need to take in a package. Do check out their website at https://www.abc-cooking.com.my

Now let's kick start and let me show you some of the process of Berry Souffle Cheese recipe. As some of us may already know that Lennox collagen powder is good for the skin, we normally drink collagen with juices, yogurt and others but this time we will experience how to include collagen as one of the ingredients into this baking process. I am so so excited to try and here we go.

Here are the Berry Souffle Cheese recipe that you can follow. There are 2 preparation needed, one for Souffle Cheesecake (the base) and the Berry Cheese Cream (the top fillings).

Recipe card of Berry Souffle Cheese
My gadget for the afternoon haha. 😍 and my son ask before - "mummy why you have not touch the kitchen mixer for long" haha. So here I did.. (yes, the home mixer gets a bit abandoned). Who knows this class keeps me baking again. So let's see... 

One of the technique in whisking egg white and sugar is that we have to ensure the end result is the batter have to be standing and does not drop, else you need to whisk again.

Whisk and turning the bowl at the same time. Need a bit of energy so that the batter is properly mixed. Impatient face. Haha.

Using Lennox collagen in both batter below:

cream in piping bag, ready to pipe to the base below at a zig zag position.

After the decor, looks so nice.

Ok, I dint have patience to wait. They say it would be tastier after it is chill in the fridge. Considering the hard work, one souffle won't hurt coz I made 8. Well, I end up eating 3. So delicious and satisfying!

We are also given a chance to try out Lennox collagen firm up + series for ladies and men. It unique point is we have to put in a sachet of the firming collagen powder into the liquid base, shake it and consume right away. We had consume for about a week now and we can feel that the skin is firmer,  happy on our complexion and hope to continue with Lennox for maintenance. It is always advised to take at night before sleep as it could help to replenish collagen in our body better when we rest.

Lennox FirmUp+ Forte Gold for ladies skin hydration while Lennox FirmUp+ Men is formulated for men  to reduce excessive oil secretion and improve skin hydration 
There are other type of collagen from Lennox in the market and it is available at all major pharmacies across Malaysia. Below are Lennox Collagen 5000 is low in calorie easy to use, which doesn't contain synthetic ingredients such as colouring or flavouring. It's good for skin brightening and made from high  quality fish collagen peptide originated from Japan that dissolves readily in any beverage & easily absorbed by the body. 

Lennox Collagen 5000 is in powder form and can be taken one spoonful with one cup of water to drink at night before sleep. The package comes with a seal so there isn't a need to put inside a container. Convenient.  

Lennox Firm Up+ for skin brightening

Lennox FirmUp+ Forte Gold

If you are travelling, opt for Lennox collagen drink is good for travel because it is small in size and can easily packed it in your hand bag

Besides the above Collagen Drinks & Powder, their bestseller includes Garcinia Cambogia Slimming Juice & Tea, Teatox and Enzyme.

Thank you Lennox Malaysia and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for this amazing and great event  bringing us all together for some baking fun.

We are all in pink theme in a great baking session matching Lennox colour
Left purple collagen package is the new addition soon which is the
Lennox FirmUp+ EX for skin brightening, whitening & hydation

Do check out more Lennox product info from https://www.facebook.com/lennox.malaysia/ , https://www.instagram.com/lennox.malaysia/ https://www.facebook.com/lennox.malaysia/and upcoming Butterfly Project Malaysia at https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia/

LENNOX Collagen Month is happening now to encourage us to take the first step towards healthy and beautiful skin, and Lennox is throwing tons of crazy deals. Do stay tuned to Lennox Fb and website for incredible discounts on a different product each week and on top of that, stand a chance to win awesome LENNOX products when you take part in our buy and win contest.

 To kick start Lennox Collagen month, I am sharing out one packet of Lennox Collagen to one lucky reader in instagram so that you can try out with this new recipe at home. Do check out my latest instagram posting with below link and Good Luck!

(I will announce the winner in IG end of the month)

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