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Enjoy stuffing and roasting chicken, getting to Eat Like A Pro (Beko ways) with healthier recipes

Hands on and enjoying stuffing the chicken to roast with @josephinetly . Follow thoroughly the recipe for Lemon & Thyme Roast Chicken. There are 6 healthy recipes that we experience with Beko appliances to challenge Beko initiative to #eatlikeapro.

Tying the chicken drumstick together with cloth string

I actually amazed how I can stuff half lemon, half big onion, few cloves of garlic and a handful of thyme into the chicken. (A bit jakun as 1st time - I did lots of Chicken stew using pressure cooker that's why) .

Two well stuffed chicken, ready to go into a preheat oven

Roast chicken in Beko built in oven model BIM22301X. This oven comes with digital LED programmable timer, multidimensional cooking function, easily detachable side racks, 5 levels with 71L capacity. We use the 3D roast function for the chicken at 200 degree Celsius for 1.5 hour.

Delicious and aromatic crispy skin chicken
While team mate Ayu, Ciklilyputih and Mahamahu is preparing garlic bread with mushroom soup.

Briefing on the usage of Beko Hob.

Mushroom soup is blended by Beko hand blender HBS7750X for it's smooth puree with 750 W, variable speeds settings, detachable stainless steel blender leg, hardened stainless steel blade and scaled beaker. Satisfying outcome - aromatic, smooth and tasty.

Mushroom soup after blended, smooth and tasty.

Our final savory dish for lunch. Bon appetite!

lunch feast with our prepared meal ;)
Group photo before meals. Thanks to Dikbee and Ivy for some of our lovely photos.
Next: desserts!
We had nice smoothies and frozen yogurt bites by @sunshinekelly and @dikbee too.

cheers for good smoothies.
strawberry yogurt bite 

We had sometime making chocolate banana milkshakes too and it is super easy with one of Beko best selling vacuum Blender TBV8104BX. It comes with 1.5L jug, serrated stainless steel blades, safety lock, variable speed settings with pulse and anti-slip rubber pad. Texture of the milkshake is silky smooth and to our liking.

Vacuum function

We give tomato juice a try using vacuum blender (left) vs normal blender setting (right) to see the difference. The fibre with vacuum blender is all blended well, while normal blender are seen with floated fibre. The vacuum function clearly blends all rounded and breaks the fibre completely to makes juices easy to drink. It also will avoid oxidation, and keeps the fruits colour fresh.

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