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Soap A Year and sighting of soap production at Tanamera's new Soap Factory

We are checking out Tanamera limited edition Soap-A-Year box with 7 of our favourite soaps.
We were at Ijok, Kuala Selangor last week witnessing the first batch of soap production at Tanamera's manufacturer "F.A.Herbs" soap factory. This is in addition of newly and improved machine to cater for the increased production. Since FA Herbs main focus is producing OEM products, having a soap machine that can alter the setting based on customer requirement gives the company a machine advancement advantage compare to it's competitors. They had been an Amway supplier for 17 years and  we could assure on its quality. 

Tanamera, solely a Malaysian brand, has been around for the past century, starting with Royal formula post natal set and the new stakeholders bring it internationally with a vision is to create safe, natural products with quality and of affordable priced. Famous for it's brown herb soap, they also won a G-Mark award in Japan with it's other 100%  plant base products. Being a supporter of internally source palm oil, they even have lemon grasses planted behind their factory as one of their soap ingredients.

I got some snippets of the factory while I was there. F.A. Herbs employs 100% Malaysian which we are proud of, and capable to produce 15000 soaps per day.

Soap Production machine
We are all cover up for hygienic reason
There are about 5 steps in soap processing. Firstly it go through a mixer machine to mix the soap noodles and herbs together. Soap noodles are the Base for soap which are of 80% palm oil and 20% kernel oil.

This process in mixer is slow and careful. Herb and scrubs soap can't be put into a grinder as it will melt.

The mixer then go through 2 plodders that build in together, for compression moulding using compression (force) and heat to shape raw materials before going through the ice cold stamping process. This will create a fairer and more equal mix throughout the soaps.

Soap strips

Brown herbal soap, selling at RM18 each. These are hard soaps that is not easily melt.
Packaging is all done manually by their appointed workers. Each soap is wrapped individually, giving it a fine touch.

The new machine is an added advantage as now F.A.Herbs could offer a more variety shapes of soaps ranging from 5 to 10 different shapes and sizes. Love this bear shape the most.

Here is their limited edition Soap-A-Year box with 7 of our favourite soaps, that makes a perfect gift. It's inclusive of Warna soap, which coconut soap represents our Malay coconut nasi lemak, bamboo soap represents the Chinese bamboo, and turmeric represents Indian's herbs.

Tanamera assures that this soap package can last for 1 year for one individual, hence the name "Soap A Year".

Daun pegaga (green soap) is to treat body odour, Green coffee soap is for toning, Hibiscus soap which is famous for its Vitamin C, White soap is rich in rice n coconut for nourishing and moisturising. White soap also act as a 3 in 1 cleanser mask and scrub. Black soap are to soak on water and foams are to use like a mask. It's made from black glutinous rice and it's good to dry up pimples and suitable for teenager with oily skin.

We also make way to visit F.A. Herbs cosmetic halal factory nearby. I had learnt that any products should have a product registration number, ie. for external use should have a NOT number and MAL number is for internal consumption.

Check out Tanamera full range of products here https://tanamera.com.my/

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