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Me on my clean carpet, Pressto taking care of bed sheets and curtains too

Me on my clean carpet. Thanks Pressto for handling these bunch of carpet, bedsheets and curtains for me so that I have more time to cook and handle the kids this school holiday. Here are the delivery to home after the washing and drying. A few days for bedsheets and curtain and carpet in 2 weeks. It's so convenient, and I like their installation service and their packaging. Here is my satisfactory finding:

Since they focus on dry clean, bedsheet sets and curtain is packed seperately. This would be easier for us to keep in closet in oppose to the conventional method which you need to pull out from one big plastic bag, making others crumpled again. Very tidy and neat ironing I must say as you can see the below pictures.

Neat and clean

Staff help to take out and put in sofa cover. Save my time as these need energy to do one by one.
If you remember my earlier post on my torn curtain, here is the outcome from the alteration that Pressto did on complimentary. Satisfied as it looks like the flower stem and what matters most is that this curtain is still usable.

While this torn lining on the curtain has been sew perfectly.

Here are the markings made by Pressto to ensure that all hooks are at the same place after each wash, eliminating problems like shorter or longer on the width when it reached us.

Pressto would have their own ladder, so saving our energy to climb up and down. If you have an elderly at home, taking out and putting it back may be a hassle for them, so this service is suitable for them too.

Opening the tagging upon done on curtain hanging.

Advice: for privacy, do get another set of curtain to hang and you may get the team to help while they are there. Added service: they would check your railing, curtains etc and propose solutions to any problem. I had a lot of broken rollers and happy that they assist to find some replacement.

Carpet is back too after 2-3 weeks getting it's total dry. It was wrapped with plastic neatly and likewise you can keep it if you have other carpet to spare. Carpet is so clean now that I can sleep on it today. Happy mummy. 

Finally, just a quick recap. Pressto has been in Malaysia for about 14 years and it's franchise from Spain. Pressto mission is to provide a quality express dry cleaning and I would tell you next on their expertise in handling garment which I like.

Pressto has been awarded Superbrand 2018 Malaysia's choice, 1st Place Winner in Expat Living Readers Award 2010 House & Garden, Readers First Choice for Dry Cleaning/ Laundry Retailer.

Soon, I am checking out their beautiful outlet in bangsar, so stay tune!

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  1. Thank you for sharing of this amazing service. I would like to have carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and curtain cleaningfor my house too.