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Visiting BRAND's Gallery and tips for eye health with BRAND's Essence of Chicken with Goji Berry

There are lots to explore at Brand's Gallery today at the launch of Brand's Essence of Chicken with Goji Berry. Kid are having fun with some brain challenges game in interactive panel such as memorise the numbers, speed test and movie puzzle. Brand's Gallery is open to school group of children or tour, and you may reach out to Jennifer Chan, Brand's Senior Customer Value Creation Executive at 03-7844 8686. Kids could easily spent about 30-45 minutes in there, and depending to the crowd size you are organising, make it an hour. They would enjoy the interactive game panels. Below are some pictures of the gallery that you may expect to see.  

BRAND's Gallery at Bukit Jelutong
We found the golden chicken!

We started with a tour through the making of BRAND's Essence of Chicken. It will be a detail explanations on the process including the chicken quality that they are getting. Why not kampung chicken but getting a farmed chicken? Farmed chicken are well care off, be it food, environment and protection against diseases. Using a double boiler process for it's concentration and with fats extraction, every bottle contains a pure 100% chicken essence. I do agree if we make chicken essense at home, a portion of it would be fats that we have to scoop out. Well, for convenience too. 

The gallery for more insights of BRAND's.

A retail space selling BRAND's product just outside the gallery

Testing the brain wave device to move the robot. 

Today is also the launching of BRAND's Essence of Chicken with Goji Berry in conjunction with BRAND's SMART achievers Award prize giving ceremony.

Here are some tips for eye health shared by Dr Mandy Yee, Senior Scientist of BRAND'S Suntory Asia. She also shared the nutritional goodness of BRAND's Essence of Chicken with Goji Berry: it helps student to achieve their optimum study performance, enhances reading ability, reduces eye tiredness and to help students to concentrate better in class.  

When it comes to staring at the mobile phone, most of us are guilty for ignorance of eye health. I do not think I rest my eye every 20 minutes when I am really into the work. Yes, it takes a little discipline on this and will try. 

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