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My me time for Footlogic and a Pro Spa Manicure session at Cutiecle Nail Expert

Stealing a bit time for myself today after a busy week. My first time with gel manicure and pedicure. Just out from an event at Sunway Nexis today and pop into Cutiecle Nail Expert Kuala Lumpur at Giant Kota Damansara. I got myself a footlogic and a pro spa manicure session with the latest nail colour from a Japanese brand. The service is awesome and staff are thoughtful. Here, let me share my thoughts on the whole process if you ever consider to get your nail done or have a package for your love one on anniversary, birthdays or for business, secretary week maybe.

Cutiecle Nail Expert has 3 branches which are located at The Mines and IPC shopping mall and Giant Kota Damansara (the outlet that I visited). It's a clean place with pink and white interior and the small pillows make it cosy and relax.

Weekday is an ideal time to get nail done, as appointment is easily free. It's a comfy pampering session for me despite need to rush to pick up kids from school later on. However, it did not worries me as I am amazed at how gel manicure and pedicure dried up so fast in comparison with the normal nail polish. Let me explain in summary on the process, where both of these process is done simultaneously. (Yes, you don't have time to browse mobile phone as your hand and feet are being pampered non stop)

Pro Spa Manicure session at Cutiecle Nail Expert 

After our hand is washed, the staff begins with cutting the nails according to your preference : square or rounded, followed by removing the nail cuticles at the side and buffing to get it all cleaned up. Cuticle softener is being applied. 

There are 3 steps for nail colour, to which 1st a base coat, then 2-3 coat of nail polish and ended with a clear top coat. For each application for gel polish, it need to be placed in the UV heater machine for 2 times, (2 min) to get it completely dry. Depending to the choice of nail colour brand, higher liquidity will need 2 min, or else OPI which is less to smear will only need a minute.

All done and mask is applied for whitening. It's wrapped with plastic and in a heating pad for 20 min. 

Love these candy colour. ;)

 Footlogic session at Cutiecle Nail Expert 

This includes Callus remover treatment beside the nail cuticle and others are done. This gives your feet smooth skin upon removal of dead skin. It's advice to do this every 3 months for maintenance. 

Both of these treatment took 2.5 hour in total. For Gel nail polish it can only be removed at the centre as it can't be removed using the normal nail polish. It's advisable to remove after 2-3 weeks as prolonged gel polish on nail will cause nail brittle or nail turning yellow or discolouring.

Here are some nail art options that can be done too at Cutiecle Nail Expert too if you would like to add on.

Where Is This?
LG28/29, Ground Level, 
Giant Hypermarket, 16, 
Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

0-10 open daily including public holidays.

Phone: 03-6151 4666

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