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Officiate the Grand opening of Palo Game Play Centre at Puchong IOI, its more than games - its about hand eye coordination too.

Games are indeed needed for leisure, partly to release stress and also for hand eye coordination as long as we didn't get addicted to it, to the extend forgotten our homework, housework and work. Today I check out Palo at IOI Mall Puchong, 3rd floor, after co-officiate the opening with Aeon Fantasy General Manager and Zharif, a buddy blogger from Jejakakaula.com. 

It was a fun hour trying out some of the games and checking out their latest promotion after signing up for their membership card with extra 500 points. 

AEON Fantasy Malaysia is a Japan-based company specializing in edutainment industry with almost hundred outlets around Malaysia that bring a name of Mollyfantasy, kidzooona, FANTAZIA, FANPEKKA and Palo is one of it. Thanks Palo and Aeon Fantasy for hosting both of us and let's check out some of the new and fun games that they had in place at Palo, IOI Mall Puchong.

Squirt water to duckies and ensure it gets into the hole

Shake down the monkey so that it can't get the bananas. Testing quick minds. When it gets quicker, the confusion starts. Nice one.

This is the famous game that children love. Upon completion of the game, they would own a card. The game card can be purchase at a token too without playing. For some card collectors, this would be awesome.

For pokemon fans, I will say, go for the cards game.

This would need a big shout out because it was so fun that I won over Zharif on a race. 

De moment.. 😝
Haha using a Mitsubishi Lancer. Verdict: The coordination of the steering wheel and brake is very similar to actual car, and it can be drifted easily. A good one to polish your driving skill. Winning point: Very responsive. For this month up to September, this game only need 2 token with oppose to the usual 3 token needed. 

This racing game is called "Midnight Maximum Run 6" and it has this card machine that are able to keep track of your racing history, and just scan to retrieve your records. Amazing!

Here are the others:

This is the new digital drum that able to update new songs. Cool!

Dancing machines. Well it really need a lot of hand and leg coordination. We tested this and ain't easy. We both fail at this game. (oppsy) I had seen people dance before, and for sure they had been practice a lot. I leave this to the young. ;P

Looks like we both get the correct steps right? Haha

These claw games are mainly imported from Japan. There are some standard size claw and mini ones too which capture my attention. The items ranges from soft toys, miniatures, chocolates and small collectables. It cost only 1 credit to play at it's opening up to end September. Give it a try!

This is a big photo booth that I tried. Imported from Japan too and it has editing feature with 2 section, one to take photo, another to edit. It was pretty good as 2 persons can actually edit at the same time. RM13 per piece and a good piece of memories. Editing includes background, favourite design icons and our name too. It will be printed on a piece and could be cut into 2. 

For one month up to end September 2019, some of the games do have a discounted rate, and opening specials are at "Buy 30 credits, free 10 credits" without any expiry.

Where Is This?
Palo Game Zone
3rd Floor, IOI Puchong


  1. Pertama kali masuk ke tempat yang penuh dengan mainan sebegini. memang best betul !! dah lama tak main game lumba-lumba kereta. sekali kalah lah pulak. muka u suka betul ya dapat kalahkan i Jessie. hahahha. but it was fun !

  2. Menarik. Qiss suka main game macam ni. Puas hati bila menang lumba kereta tu. Tapi selalu nya langgar finding aje. One day Qiss nak pi sini lah.