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Changing life means taking action right away, says Dr Azizan with Richworks International

There are times when we wanted to do something, but there are no mentor to guide, there are no action hence gives no result. It's a self reflection and a high motivation scene during the first session at the Live Change Program that was organized by RichWorks International Sdn Bhd at Setia City Convention Center (SCCC), Setia Alam, Selangor. The 3-day program from 30th August to 1st Sept was attended by over 12,000 participants from all over Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

The objective of organizing the Transformation Program is to help entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs improve their potential, life and financial potential through successful and profitable business. Over the past 11 years of running this program, many people are aware that having a business helps them improve their income, but unfortunately many has started businesses without a  proper knowledge.

As a result, many entrepreneurs are unable to survive the first 3 years of their business. Many are falling behind, at a loss and many are having to bear the brunt of the bankruptcy due to the ill-advised business. For that reason, RichWorks International and its founder Dr Azizan Osman realised that there is a lot to help. Since Dr Azizan Osman himself has been through a difficult life in developing his business, and he used to start with just selling soap and coconut and has often failed in his business, he sees this as an opportunity for him to help more people.

He has once failed in his business, owed hundreds of thousands and had to trade his mother's house to pay off his debt. At that point he promised that if he ever succeeded in his business he would help every citizen to become a successful entrepreneur with his knowledge and formulas from his past experience in business and the knowledge he gained from his mentors abroad. 

He understand the sad moment when no one wanted to lend a hand during ones bad time. This is why Dr Azizan Osman is willing to share his success with others who wanted to succeed in business without going through the crisis that he once had.

Previously, the largest number of participants in a program organized by RichWorks was only about 10,000 attendees, but this time it reached more than 12,000 participants as a result of marketing campaigns from Team RichWorks since it launched 4 months ago. Its a trust and we could see more and more participants from the RichWorks Program have been able to build up to millions of dollars a year and building famous brands such as Nurraysa, DAG Hotel Pillow, Eskayvie, Hasnuri, Sabella, Mak Siti Spice, Noor Arfa Batik, Jamumall, Najib Asaddok, and more.

The "Nak Ubah Hidup" Program roared with the celebration of Independence Day where all participants shared a moment of independence accompanied by the singing of Negaraku and others.

The next day, the entire hall is filled with a long prayer followed by a Ratib reading session as a sign of gratitude and hope for the beginning of Muharram's New Year Hijrah.


It is even sweeter when the program is also attended by celebrities such as Chef Zam, Hanez Suraya, Rawar Rashid, Raf Yaakob, Noraniza Idris, Rafidah Ibrahim, Fadzli Zainal, Afiq Muiz, Fadzlun Abas and many more. And RichWorks has also sent special invitations to Utusan Malaysia and Media staff as a way for us to help them discover their potential and find other opportunity from another angle.

It's always a great time to start something new for ourself. I find the session very impactful as we learn the success tips from those who has proven result with successful business. If you would like to join, fill in and be the first one to know more info on Nak Ubah Hidup 2020 programme.

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