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A self reflection... Someone once ask... who is Ms Koo?

Not as a mum but Ms Koo. Well, ever since I am a mum, I never question myself, as I know there is no longer Ms Koo herself, but its with a package that include kids.

You are not alone if parenthood sometimes drain you down, reality may not that it seems and we often query ambiguous action of others who need us and then be good. Hidden agenda? To find out. Too good to be true? To find out. It's a god blessing in meeting great people but we still have lots of question within.

Once people told me that right people will surround us when we need them. Be it at work or in life.

So who is Ms Koo?

She is a lively crazy person - well, at least to those that knows her well. She is one confident soul and could take things calm, patience, dislike negative judgement or thoughts. She cherish small small little things and actions, and happy over little gestures. She always miss the time - being daddy's little girl, that's for sure. Ms Koo enjoys free and easy travel, good food, me time and a day spa and massage. Since painting and sewing is a bit time consuming, she prefers a self recipe cooking. Taste buds are better than recipe books. 😂 She would miss a small beer at times.

As a mum, she is hungry to give the best for the family and she do not like helps that favours return. She is a bit stubborn over recommendation on what's best for her children. She is impatient, hard to tolerate and wants it her way. She wanted to give kids as much as experience to grow them to be as independent, especially April. She has no idea what is the best for them but she do love to try every single thing that she can to expose them, and lay a safe platform to them. She is sure every mum is into this. Giving them the best food, seeing them grow is happy indeed but never have too much expectation when they gets elder.

So here you go. Do share yours if you ever pop into this page. ;)

Cheers mate. Good Night.

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