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Kindergarten concert for the 4th time

I would count it as a blessing as not many parents have the chance to attend graduation ceremony of their one child for the 4th time. Me and hubby has been laughing about having a 6 years old every year. There are a lot reason to be pessimistic being in our situation,  having a child with Williams Syndrome. Only parent with special need will understand but here I have to encourage you to be optimistic and look into opportunity and how much strengths they bring to us as a person. 

Even for the 4th time at her concert,  i cry like a baby,  each time without fail I can't hold my tears as a mother.  I have seen a small progress on her over time,  (yes I had very much lower my sky high expectation over time, so that i could be focus on her interest instead of pushing her to something that she can't excel.) Looking on a brighter side,  she is a good dancer,  remember rhythms,  and did pretty well on yoga steps. (Reminder to self again and again and again and again on this so that i don't compare her with her peers and make myself miserable)

She looks so pretty in saree, and I am sure teachers given a lot of thought in preparing the outfit and dance steps. I still remember the first dance she did in a dance school concert, when I am doubtful whether she will do well,  she saw me crying and tell me mummy, it's okay. Strong human she is. I may just achieving 50% of her level. 

Mummies or daddies,  if you are reading this,  always have faith in your child. Never ever give up on them, look into opportunity and gain strenght to keep us moving. Never listen to others to dictate that they can't, never agree that they can't fit in.  Bold to include them in any event,  any activity, sports etc.  I do find learning and see things differently when I bring her out. Her character,  how she react,  her behaviour and her love to others. 

She is one who always make my guest comfortable at home,  greet someone new that I met and we starts conversation effortlessly, assure me that things are not bad as it seem, let me do it myself mummy,  I can mummy!

Today, I see her on stage performing an Indian dance.  Very happy (follow by tears again - yes God gave me a bigger tear duct if u notice. Haha.). Before the dance start, she is on a look out for us, (didn't know where we are) she shouted so loud, "MUMMYYYYYYY". Happy and well teary, I give the widest wave and shouted "HERE!" till she sees me. Spotted n she focus on her dance which is about to start. To me, she is affirming me that she is going to be great. Which she did well...

She is April, my William Syndromme girl. Proud of you today baby girl and keep dancing!

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