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Jom prevent online scam - OFF Facebook tracking on all our FB activity

We are in the new era of Digital Marketing and recently I have enough FB ads pop up and decided to off "Future off-Facebook activity" in FB privacy setting after seeing lots of scam banking, experience scam purchase and scam emails myself. Many of us doesn't realise Facebook can actually monitor and track all that we did online. This includes how many times we login,  which page we landed and what activity that we did daily, including the duration.

These data are useful to companies who buy ads so that they could target the correct people based on similar interest to land on their ads, to enable them to do analytics on their promotions etc, and getting a better conversion on sales.

Yes,  it may be convenient when you see ads that is relevant to your interest and you can make purchase or find the relevant information easier - we call that a better user experience but somehow these info may be used differently too.

All our activities are being tracked and if you login using FB for games, apps etc, you are prone to more insecurities over your privacy. Think of why you started to get more spam messages in your email. Where do they get our information from?

Here are some quick steps to clear your history and once and for all off your FB activity.

First Step: 
Beside your FB profile name,  click the 3 dot ... to land to profile settings.

Second Step: 
Click to view privacy shortcuts

Third Step: 
Click on view or clear your off- Facebook activity.

Fourth Step: 
Clear your history

Fifth Step: 
Finally,  go back a step, click to manage your off- Facebook activity and make sure the below is under off status (with no blue button highlighted)

As simple as that! Hope you could share this article to as many friends as possible so that everyone is more aware of these little danger despite the internet convenience. 

I will also share with you on my recent scam dress purchase in another post so that you didn't do the same mistake as I did. 

Cheers and much loved. 
Malaysian parenting. 

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