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Fine Motor Skill: Blowing Balloon

My lil one first own puffed balloon at her almost 11 years old. Learning new fine motor skill at is a great win even at any age. It's a never give up thing that gives success.

Very much agreed that we can put parenting technique into business and life. We keep telling her how to do blow it, how to hold the balloon,  how to let go when you blow in to make it bigger,  that's a guide. Balloon is the tool. But it's up to her to figure out if she should hold the balloon with 2 hands or one,  to puff with the whole balloon tip inside her mouth or outside her mouth. 

There is so many balloon unblow with much saliva on the floor,  that bother us as it's messy and we always want to stop the action. But she is always looking at her goal and practising with her balloons. 

In real life,  we just need to figure out things ourself with a correct tool and what works. With advices given,  figure out what to do with our tool base on our own critical judgement, not to follow blindly if other people advices  doesn't make sense or make it more difficult to us. 

Never give up parents! Blowing balloon is a simple act,  but kids just need a little time and we have to tolerate the much saliva mess. Likewise in life, we have to tolerate much shits to go to where we are today.  :)

Nevertheless,  well done,  mini one! I am getting you more balloon and it's time to learn how to tie your own balloon. 

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