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Travelling Selangor and Reminiscence of our earlier days at Night Bus 127, Banting

Covid-19 has made us look into local travel and I must agree road trip is nice too. This week we went to Banting, on the way back from Carey Island and Jenjarom. Google map is my reliable GPS now, so convenient that a search of "Best Food near me" from where I located landed me to a high rated Western restaurant, truly a gem, named "Night Bus 127". A truly nice experience, on a Merdeka eve, and I must say the RED BUS thrilled the kids! 

Remember this bell?

If you can recall, we use to wait for our destination and press the bell, or call up to the driver that we are stopping at the next station. Remember the window too, how we are so pissed when we are trying to get a nap and the wind is too strong and blow our hairs off? But often we are happy for the breeze sitting next to the window rather than to squeeze with other passengers and bears with "smells" if we are to stand instead. 
Going up and down the driver seat is kids best spot. 

Busy looking at the menu as there is so many food and drinks to choose from!

Here comes the food that the owner recommends, Beef burger with homemade bun, and beef patty. Jaden title it the best and biggest burger ever! McD, Carls Junior nor KGB can compete. He says mummy, this burger can really makes me full and its yummy - sweet and nice. The fries comes with a special homemade white sauce. Spaghetti is appetizing too.

Night Bus 127 beef burger 

Spaghetti in white sauce with beef bacon

Lamb chop serving is large, 3 slices, comes with coleslaw and mash potatoes. This dish took longer time to serve to ensure its marinated and cook long enough for the flavours. Mushroom sauce taste good. 

Who likes to eat burger with fork and spoon? Use hand is much more satisfying! Don't worry getting your hand dirty with the huge burger, we are given a plastic glove and manage to stuff the burger into our mouth using our hands. 

Stealing some nice moment of the kids. Well, due to RMCO, we had them sitting together, dating mode. Haha. Social distancing kay?

A: Can I have some fries, gor gor? 
J: Hmmmm.... 

We walked in early and was lucky of the 45 min experience on the bus. A little more later we could have missed this lovely experience as it's fully booked by 815pm, and the restaurant couldn't take in anymore customer in the bus. So mind you, please call them at for advance booking. 

But fret not if you are late, or didn't make any booking, you can experience the bus waiting area as below, nice place too while waiting for any occupancy in the bus. The far right is the kitchen area, which designs as bus ticketing counter. 

After meal, enjoying some OOTD moment with the petrol pump corner, and the front bus outlook is not to be missed. 

This is never a paid post, but I love the hospitality of the owner, kids like how he shared his experience as a snake catcher, how he love reptile and eliminate his fear over animals. To understand them, not to fear them, is a take back home lesson to the kids. Ok, I am still not so fond of reptile la, kan although Jaden keep convincing me to get him an iguana. zzzz. 

Thanks for the warm welcome, and looking forward to come over again with my family and my anak syurga! Happy 63rd Merdeka! (lancak berbual and eating, I forgot to ask the owner name - haha my bad). 

Where Is This?

Nightbus 127
Lot389, 13, Jalan Klang Banting, Kampung Sungai Rambai, 42600 Jenjarom, Selangor
Business hours:
5pm-12am (Sun-Thur)
5pm-1am (Fri & Sat)
Tuesday Closed
WhatsApp: 011-2626 4127

Do you know? Back in the day where private transportation was not as widely popular as now, Bus 127 was the only means of transport for the local residents of Banting and Klang, three to four generations of its loyal passengers have painted their times of youth and life journeys along with it. It once again be in service, though not as a public transport this time around, but for ‘passengers’ to enjoy the night with delicious Western foods and drinks.

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