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Special need children - acceptance, inclusion and a friend.


We don’t have the power to make life “fair,” but we do have the power to make life joyful.”
This little missy ain't easy to be dealt with. Her brother once says, missy had changed 5 schools! We push for phonics for good old 10 years and she is finally ready this year to do a little spelling on her own. Despite the little learning shortcoming, she is the first one to adventure the water slide, one who treat insects as pet, first one to take note our emotions, and one who always pour unconditional loves and assure us it's okay.
This post wasn't really about missy but a child that I met yesterday at a restaurant whom has both limb deformities. She asked to help her tearing a seaweed packet. In my mind I admire her parents strength. Cheerful and bubbly with loud voice, as we depart from a restaurant, she look straight at my eyes, warmly and says "Remember to come and visit me again okay?"
The feeling is so connected. It reminds me 2 nights ago when missy suddenly cry before bed, and says she miss Chloe che che. She wanted a friend, same with the bubbly girl that I met. They need acceptance, inclusion and a friend. This ain't easy for sure, but am grateful enough for those who spent  a couple of minutes to talk with these childrens as everyone has the power to make their life joyful. Hugs.

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