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Best Banana Leaf Dine In at Sri Ganapathi Mess, Petaling Jaya

Came to Sri Ganapathi Mess with Craig recommendation, been here once year ago and this round with my family. Here is Jaden's review after he enjoyed his banana leaf meal. Situated at a hidden housing area in Petaling Jaya, he rated this restaurant four star. Lets see what it has to offer that we will come back for more!

Please waze to this location as it is located at a bungalow area and it is not easy to spot it for first timer. You will need to park along the road and walk a few minutes during peak hour. One more problem is that the place that we queue is actually the preparation table for the staff. But when you taste their food, you will certainly forget all the shortcomings about the restaurant. The most interesting thing is that they used banana leaves as plates which are biodegradable.

When you sit down, they will give you a big banana leaf cutting each. You will be served rice,vegetables as side dish and curry gravies. The vegetables and curry is being served with the 4 servers as above.

To me, the reward of best taste and most delicious should go to the fried squid above. The squid was well fried and the spices are well mixed. And to say, one plate IS not enough!!! RM15 worth it.

Pappadoms are included for you when they served the rice. The curry looking dish beside the poppadom is actually mashed pumpkin. It also tastes super nice.

The brownish dish at the bottom is minced lamb meat and the other picture is fried crab that bathed with curry. Both looks delicious. We did not try it, maybe next time.

The soup below is crab rasam, not many place offers this. The norm are just vege Rasam. It is famous because it warms your stomach before eating and is good for digestion. 

"Rasam, a soup of spices, is a traditional South Indian food. Rasam is a classic example of traditional functional food with all its ingredients medicinally claimed for various ailments."

Sweet lassi is basically yoghurt and sugar and taste nice. They do not serve mango lassi here.

They will serve plain water with a tint of tumeric. At first I am very surprise seeing yellow water in the cup but i found out it is actually the colour of tumeric.

This is us enjoying the amazing food.


Dad enjoying some rasam before eating.

I didn't want to dirty my hands and preventing covid lol. My sister learning an original way indians eat with their hands. Good place to train hand coordination.

The basin below is not in the toilet. That is actually in the so-called private room that we sat in.

Where Is This?

Sri Ganapathi Mess

47, Jalan 1/10, Seksyen 1, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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