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When is your child ready to do ironing on her own?


She is the cutest child as I peep her from my half sleeping mode yesterday night. Mummy i want to do this - ironing she meant. Whatever, okay. Without thinking to help. Slowly peeping what she is trying to do, well, everyone should experience a little heat or burn from garment steamer once in a lifetime, right?? 
1st in her life, she switched on the garment steamer, letting the steam out before picking it up really carefully (ouch she says-while i laugh quietly under my blanket), and diligently pressing the steam iron to her clothes.
When its done, she is very satisfied she could iron and says "Mummy! See see! Done!"
Happy teary mum - she did it by regular observation. Should i delegate to her now so that she can practise daily? 五五五

*Disclaimer: cute when she is not crying. 

There isn't a definition on when is the right time for any child to pick up ironing. They just want to do it when they observe enough, carefully seen the safety measures, carefully seen how we do it as a parent and they imitates. Its a life skill that they should pick up, and glad that mine did. Not perfect for the first time, but its a good try. 

Next round is to teach her how to iron neatly so that she can takeover. Mum dreaming too early. 五五五

Have fun parenting! Its a whole load of works, i won't deny, so don't forget to capture these little sweet moments of them while they are still at their "adhering" age.

Love, Jessie.

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