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Good Luck Kopitiam, Cheras Connaught

Good Luck Kopitiam's design is cozy and comfortable. Lighting in the restaurant is bright and creative. It is lighted with lightbox decoratives at one corner and another with greens. (Today's review is written by Jaden - well, a little essay homework as he need to do something - no free lunch from his parents)

The hygiene here is very good. The restrooms are clean and the floor is not oily. The table is very clean when we arrived. They also have a sterilizer to sterilize the plates we use.

There are many types of food selections here. They have a few selections of nasi lemak and rice sets. We tried the lo shu fun and the taste is marvellous. Other than that, they have many types of dim sum for you to choose from.

The nasi lemak selections

                            Their chee cheong fun
                           Lou shee fun 

                Their black pepper chicken

The selection of beverages are all original kopitiam drinks. Dad said that the coffee that he ordered is well brewed and the texture is nice. We also tried the(虎咬狮)which means tiger bite lion. It is actually hot chocolate mixed with coffee. It is very sweet. The plum calamansi is very good too.

                                   The (虎咬狮)

                                   Plum calamansi


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