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Kebun kebun Bangsar- a community farm in the heart of Kuala Lumpur

Kebun Kebun Bangsar is a community farm in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This farm is nice and the environment there is clean, with many plants and animals. Our family enjoyed an hour there and have had a great time exploring the place. Admission to the farm is FOC and it's open to public.

The plants there is very healthy. The winter melon is seen to be very fat and big. They also had tomatoes and many types of vegetables, flowering plants and colourful plants that made the place beautiful.

Animals which are free roaming consists of chickens, ducks, turkeys and sheep. While on cage are rabbits, geese and cows. This is to keep us safe from the geese chasing us. The cows are normally tied to trees or taken out to eat grass. 

We could feed the animals by bringing our own bread or purchase the animal feed from the small greenhouse next to the entrance. There are also one black chicken in the farm. We could only carry one female chicken and it was very cute. We should not bring dogs there without leashes as they will chase the chickens. And forgot to mention, there are also small fish ponds there with a few species of fishes.

The place is indeed safe because the animals are very tame and not aggresive. They did keep the animals and plants in seperated places so that the plants will not get damaged. But do not bring bread into the cow's area when they are unleashed or else they will chase you like crazy for food!

We would recommend one to go there during morning or late afternoon because the weather would be cooling and cozy. The location of that place is surrounded with  bungalow housing area. 

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Kebun Kebun Bangsar

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