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Pressto getting my laundry done at my convenience this CMCO!

We are at our CMCO and it's good to stay home. However, I do need help with laundry, and it's definitely piling up and unattended due to my work demand in the office. Not to mention, ironing my hubby working shirt - It does need more effort. Sorry, it is. Haha. I decided to call Pressto for it's pick up service. 

Since they could come to my place and pick up the garments, I pack all my curtains, big bedsheets and comforter that I don't think I can have these dry quickly due to the rain these past few days. 2 big bags! Pressto van arrives about an hour after I notified the customer service and good thing is they have your number, remember us and greet us by name. You could basically tell them your timing and they would try to accommodate. We just need a minimal spending of RM100 for them to collect it from us at our door. 

The best part, I have more time doing my work and other task, saving my petrol, and adhere very much to the government regulation to STAY AT HOME! ;P

What's next? I am given a collection slip and the van chartered the garments back to their HQ, and we will be notified the total price to paid and to agree upon any defects on the garments, before Pressto proceed on the wash, or iron. 

These are how they tag them, after checking all individually. Some shirts has been in the wardrobe for long and has sadly some yellow spots on it.

A week later today, here is all my laundry, clean, nicely packed and my amazement is still on how professional is the level of ironing and presentation. These shirts are neatly packed, properly clipped and looks like new. The yellow stain on the collars are all either gone or had gone very very minimal. 

Thanks Pressto for the amazing job well done. Thanks for being a help during CMCO. 

And to everyone, may all be safe and Stay at home!

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