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Calming my skin with SNP Cicaronic Skin Care Series

This 2 week I had been trying on a Korean brand from SNP with it's Cicaronic series. Widely available exclusively only at Guardian nationwide, SNP Cicaronic is well known for its calming, gentle and moisturising effect. The main ingredient Cica Trio and the 3 layers of Hyaluronic Acid are combined together to create the exclusive ingredient, CICA RONIC that helps bring restoration and relaxation to our skin. This range also contains Centella asiatica that effective prevent skin damage and treat irritation skin.

Let's see how SNP Cicaronic full series fit into my daily routine during this 2 weeks and here is my review for Cicaronic cleansing foam, toning essense, soothing cream, sos ampoule and daily mask.

1. SNP Prep Cicaronic Mild Cleansing Foam

The daily routine starts with cleanser. Most people had the myth that cleansing foam will dry the skin over time, but this one won't. The foam is not thick as per the picture below when mixed with water. Gentle to the skin after rinse with water and not scented. This is good for daily use. 

2. SNP Cicaronic Toning Essence

After Cleansing foam, Cicaronic Toning essence is next and it provides my face with hydration and soothes my skin which is sensitive on a hot sun. The texture is a little sticky as it is filled with essence unlike normal toner. 

Coming back from outdoor, I like to use it like a cooling mask, dabbing some toning essence to the cotton pad and patting on the face for 15 min. This will regains moisture to my tired skin. 

3. SNP Cicaronic Soothing Cream 

Also known as Skin Survivor cream, the texture of this soothing cream is soft and moisturising. It keeps the skin moisturise for a day at work, a good base for make up.

 I use it 30 min before applying make up so that it is fully absorbed. By the way, it contains highly intensified centella extract for powerful soothing effect. For me, it reduce redness on my skin. 

4. SNP Cicaronic Ampoule 

It comes in 1.5ml x7 bottles, has a lightweight texture. I use it weekly alternate to my mask. Love it as it has a rich texture that easily absorb to my skin. Personally, I feel that it's a good anti-aging must have. ;)

5. SNP Cicaronic Daily Mask 
Love to calm my skin at the end of working day after shower. Every pack consist of 10 packs and worth every penny as it's leaving my skin fresh. It also have a cucumber-ish smell (fresh smell I can say). 

Super thin and fitted well to my face. Happy!
Once you take out the mask, there's still plenty of essence that you can apply on your neck and hand too. 

Overall, SNP Cicaronic is recommended and doesn't disappoint me. I can feel the differences to my skin. It is more hydrated and doesn't look as tired as before. 

Here is my before and after picture and the tone of my face improves.

A reminder that upon purchase, do ensure that the QR Code seal is not broken so that you get the right original product. Try it for yourself too!

For more info, do check out SNP at their FB & Insta:

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