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Experience the sumptuous taste of food from your favourite restaurant, Now at your home with KIMBALL Kompem Gaya Malaysia.

I am sure everyone has heard about Kimball. Back in the 80's, my personal experience during childhood is enjoying fried chicken while dipping into Kimball signature Tomato sauce. It taste extremely good. Now after a decade, Kimball is still in my grocery list. Do you know that Kimball, a home-grown Malaysian brand offers Halal certified products by Kascert International and recognized by JAKIM that are well known for its authentic range of sauces and pastas?

Kimball offers quality and great tasting products that are of international standard made with high quality ingredients to fulfill Malaysians’ taste. Examples are their dry pasta which originates from Turkey and is made from 100% Durum wheat.

Spaghetti sauces from Kimball originate from Malaysia and it gives the convenience, easy to prepare and it tastes delicious besides being great value for money. Love the traditional sauce.

Other Kimball’s range of products includes various sauces, such as chilli sauce, tomato sauce, oyster flavored sauce, spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise, dry pasta, tomato puree, chickpeas, and foul medammas.

This week, I am experiencing the sumptuous taste of food from your favourite restaurant, now at my home with Kimball Kompem Gaya Malaysia. My family does have the feel of "Masakan Seperti Di Restoran" and I am a happy mama. 

Loving the BBQ grill using Kimball BBQ Sauce for seafood and best with scallops.

Kimball Oyster flavoured sauce to marinate prawn and part of gravy for vegetable dishes

Here are some tips on Kimball Products for our reference:

Q1. How long do I need to cook the pasta?

 A.      You need to cook the pasta for 11 – 13 minutes until ‘al dente’  then drain to serve with pasta sauce. You may refer to the instruction on the pack.

Q2. What are other uses of dry pasta?


A.      Our dry pasta can be substituted as noodles (healthier version). Spaghetti can substitute yellow noodles, Angel Hair can substitute rice noodles (meehoon), Fettuccine can substitute kuey teow.


Q3Do I need to keep in the refrigerator after the spaghetti sauce is opened when it is not finished?


A.      Once opened, refrigerate and use within 5 days.


Q4. What are the other usages of spaghetti sauce?


A.      Other than preparing pasta meal, it can be used as base sauce for pizza, and also used to make soup.


Q5. Do I still need to add Tomato Sauce into Kimball Spaghetti Sauce?


A.      No, you do not need to add on any Tomato Sauce. Kimball Spaghetti Sauce is good to go with your cooking. However, it depends on personal preference.

Q6. How do I use Tomato Puree?


A.      You can use tomato puree to flavour soups, gravies & sauces, casseroles, etc. Just add tomato puree as part of the recipe of the dish you would like to cook. For recipe ideas, please go to www.kimball.com.my.


Q7. How do I use Tomato Soup?


A.      You may use tomato soup to create dishes such as Tomato Rice and Mee Jawa. For recipe ideas, please go to www.kimball.com.my.


Q8. How do I use Mayonnaise?


A.      You may spread on bread, biscuits and make salad dressings. You can also make Kimball Special Mayo Brownies that have the recipe on Kimball website.


Q9. How different is the Kimball Oyster Sauce?


A.      Each oyster sauce brand in the market may have different taste. Kimball oyster sauce is made with real oyster extract/juice. It is versatile in all cooking applications and is excellent for stir-fry. You may log in to Kimball website for more recipe ideas using Kimball Oyster Sauce.


Q10. How do I use oyster sauce?


A.      Oyster sauce can be added into your everyday cooking for flavouring meat and vegetables. You can also prepare Chicken Paprik with Rice according to the recipe on Kimball website.


Q11. How can I use Kimball BBQ sauce?


A.      You can use it for everyday cooking, marinades & dipping.


Q12What dishes can I cook with Kimball BBQ?


A.      You can create many dishes such as chicken chop with gravy, beef steak, stir-fry chicken


Q13. What’s the advantage of Kimball BBQ sauce?


A.      Kimball BBQ sauce has a balanced flavor of tangy, sweet, savoury & smokey. It has versatile usage, means you can use it for cooking, marinades & as a dip.


Hope you will enjoy cooking with Kimball as much as I do. There is more information on their web: https://kimball.com.my/, and for recipes, visit: https://kimball.com.my/recipe.html 



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