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A night out at A FIESTA Puncak Jalil, Puchong

We had been staying at home for awhile most nights giving night markets are closed and we decide to go out to A Fiesta for a night walk. Good that its a weekday and not crowded. Parking are ample and there is still some roadworks to be done. Special thanks to Beverley for giving us a walkthrough explaining about the event space. This place is fairly new as they just had their soft launch last weekend. 

The first thing that we do is reaching out for the stage area for it's Synchro Light Show. There are 3 timings, and best is the light show will have different set at these 3 timing so do not miss out. You will  need to go near the stage area to get the feel of the light and music, as if you are too far away, you can't feel the music beat as the area is big.

There are some kids ride to keep the kids occupied, priced at RM8 per ride for most and RM10 for 3 games at the funfair games store. The funfair games could have set up more booth and probably nicer better soft toy to attract more people. 

My elder son felt that some rides are too small for big kids and only for younger kids in the age between 2-6 years old.

There are a huge space for dining and seen here are some staff who sanitised the space regularly. 

Food stalls are ample here from hot food, cakes, desserts, snacks and drinks. Also seen are hand sanitiser spray on near spots and you could be assured on hygiene. However, please ensure you are mask on and be safe when the crowds increases. 

You will need to download A Fiesta apps in Google Playstore, load a credit and pay food and rides using scan. As for booth store selling goods, they accept cash.

It would be nice for the organiser to add more activities and game booths as the choices of games are little. 

Here are a hall to rent for event and it is pretty cool and nice. 

Here are more booth that you will find at A Fiesta when you scroll around. Some stores sell unique items and its like a bazaar.

Big Snack box - all you can fit in for RM80 per box for snack lover!

Here is the ticket price and good news is kids entrance are free if they are below 12 years old.

Opening hours are from 6pm to 11.45pm. However, the shops and activity timing may  differs depending to the crowd. Yesterday, most shop closes by 10.30pm. 

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