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#ActiveMindActiveBody and enjoying Fernleaf CalciYum!

Creativity in kids will comes in place when kids are happy, having lots of fun, having a strong immune system that keeps them healthy, active and vibrant. CMCO has lead us to stay at home and this has not hinder us to get some Fernleaf CalciYum yogurts and cultured milk drink online to keep my fridge occupied anytime my kids need a boost of cold dessert or drinks for their active mind and active body.

Jaden love the Fernleaf CalciYum cultured milk drink and did an unpack video!

While I am at work and kids are at home, they are often seen wandering at the kitchen, getting their favourite Fernleaf CalciYum - be it cultured milk drink or yogurt. Fernleaf CalciYum cultured milk drink is so convenient and easy to drink as breakfast, in between meals and after their mini sports at home too.  I often had to replenish fast enough as kids are like grinches who are fast and hungry for more! At the least, Fernleaf CalciYum is a healthier snacks alternative.

With a healthier mind, they can think out of the box and create something extraordinary. Seen here is a minecraft creation replicating a Fernleaf CalciYum crate which I felt is fun and interesting. 

This is his imagination of the goodness in the crate. Jaden has made his favourite yogurt snack crate comes alive in Minecraft games, which indeed a fun thing to do. I am really impressed. 

Moment like this I had uploaded in Youtube. I am impressed how he actively control his game, while I cant even stand up at the doorway facing the right direction. Dont even mention going up the staircase. Hahha. I just need to provide him with all nutrients that he need for his #activemindactivebody and I had chosen Fernleaf CalciYum for him.

You may already know, Fernleaf CalciYum cultured milk drink comes in 110ml packs for its plain, Apple, Grape, Orange and Assorted variant. 

But do you know Fernleaf CalciYum contains the uniqueness of A-Force - with Vitamin D and probiotic (Probiotic DR20) for the kids Active Body, providing good gut function, helping to support our kids immune system and a healthier digestive system. In return, it keeps their body resistance strong. It is also high in calcium, which are all good for my growing kids. While for their Active Mind, the key nutrients such as proteins, Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc gets the kids ready to perform and feel at their best.

For me,  Fernleaf CalciYum yogurt is a must have at home as its good for digestion after food and protects the stomach, giving that we love to eat Mala spicy food. Adults like us benefits from yogurt too. 

My kids love CalciYum yogurt fruity variants while me and hubby likes Vanilla variant. This creamy yogurt contains four key nutrients including 2x Calcium to support the growth of strong and healthy bones.

Even the army who consumes CalciYum yogurt won the battle!

Both CalciYum cultured milk drink and yogurt have the ‘Healthier Choice’ logo from Ministry of Health because they are low in sugar content – another plus point to consider when picking up snacks for my kids as I wouldn't want them to get hyperactive with too much sugar in their body system.

Hoping that the pandemic will be over soon, but right now, lets stock up more of Fernleaf Cultured drinks and yogurts to keep the kids health in place. Till then, stay safe, stay creative and get our immune in good shape!

Meantime, lets have some family time, watching Netfix and enjoying our Yogurt Ice-cream in a fun way as we have it ready made. It's so simple to make, by just adding an ice cream stick to the cup and freeze it! 

Enjoying our Fernleaf CalciYum yogurt popsicle!!


For more information about Fernleaf CalciYum, do check out https://www.calciyum.com.my/

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