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Back to School? Let's grab Bata's New Anti-Bacterial School Shoes

I had been going to and fro PPD for school transfer and today stealing a little time to Bata Mid Valley to grab Bata school shoe for the kids before promotion ends. Manage to check out Bata latest top-of-the-line collection, stylish range of school shoes fitted with Life Natural material, that comes with bacteria fighting power of plants to control perspiration odours. 

Smelly feet are typically developed when excess perspiration has nowhere to evaporate. This moisture soaks into the lining of the shoes which creates the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and results in bad odour. It is absolutely vital for children to have a good pair of school shoes that provide comfort and support as this can drastically improve posture and concentration in class.

This new revolutionary material eliminates 99% of odour causing bacteria for freshness that last all day long. Bata’s antibacterial school range has also been laboratory tested for maximum protection and performance.

Bata’s all-new antibacterial range is part of its innovative plans following the brand’s 126th year in the footwear industry. The company was inspired to produce this latest range after factoring-in that children spend an average of 6 hours per day at school which leads to sweaty feet due to them being covered for a prolonged period of time. 

I am delighted to find Bata’s Smart Combo school shoes are under promotion. Under the Smart Combo deal, we can buy 2 pairs of black school shoes at RM69 (Combo 1) or 2 pairs of black school shoes with 4 pairs of socks at RM99 (Combo 2) or 2 pairs of black school shoes with 4 pairs of socks and a NorthStar school bag at RM149 (Combo 3). 

Promo is from 11 Dec 2020 till 31 January 2021. 

Spotted offers at Aeon Mid Valley too. 

For parents who are looking for other cute school shoes for their kids, there is also the original Hello Kitty school shoes and original licenses Ejen Ali school shoes at Bata. 

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To view the full range of Back to School Shoes, here is the Back to School Catalog - https://www.bata.com.my/media/backtoschool.pdf

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