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Sparkling floor this pandemic with Kleenso anti bacterial floor cleanser

Before I received Kleenso's anti-bacterial floor cleanser, I used other brands to clean our floors. But, ants still keep showing up and floor gets dirty very fast. My son sneezes too every morning while going to the living hall and sit on the floor. And things changed when I recieved Kleenso's floor cleanser.

Kleenso anti-bacterial tea tree oil is a concentrated floor cleaner that has 9 functions in 1 bottle. The nine functions include tea tree oil anti bacterial that reduces insects in your house, neutral pH level, Extra shiny clean result, Strong resistant to dirts and grimes, non sticky, environmental friendly, comes with moisturizer, anti static and natural flower fragrance.  
This product gives a soft finish on marble, granite, terazzo, ceramic tiles, parquet and all composite flooring. Directions of use is also very easy and fast. Firstly, use one cup of Kleenso 9 in 1 Anti-bacterial Floor Cleaner into 1/2 bucket of water. Approximately 8 liters and mop without rinsing.

Other than that, this product is very useful especially during this pandemic. As we step into the house after outing, we will spread viruses and bacteria onto our floor. That is why we should mop our floor every single day at the afternoon.

Surprisingly, the floor appeared very clean after using this product! and I also can smell floral fragance on the floor. The presence of insects had reduced too! It is truly a recommended product.

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