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For parents who is finding game education in Bahasa Malaysia, can try to download these

MCO had left us grounded but as parents we will need to be a teacher to the kids at home to ensure they had something to learn at their spare time. For parents who is finding game education in Bahasa Malaysia, you can try to download these apps:

1. Belajar Abc, Nombor dan Warna

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarAbcNomborDanWarna (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarAbcIOS (iOS)

2. Belajar Mengeja ABC, Perkataan dan Ayat

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/belajarmengeja (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMengejaIOS (iOS)

3. Belajar Menulis Abc, Suku Kata dan Perkataan

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMenulisAbcAndroid (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMenulisAbcIOS (iOS)

4. Belajar Membaca + Suara Mengajar

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMembacaAbc (android)

- App Store : http://bit.ly/BelajarMembacaIOS (iOS)

5. Belajar ABC Fonik

- Play Store: https://bit.ly/BelajarAbcFonikAndroid (android)

- App Store: https://bit.ly/BelajarAbcFonikIOS (iOS)

6. Belajar Huruf Jawi, Alif Ba Ta

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarHurufJawiAlifBaTa (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarHurufJawiIOS (iOS)

7. Belajar Mengeja Jawi, Suku Kata dan Perkataan

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMengejaJawi (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMengejaJawiIOS (iOS)

8. Belajar Menulis Jawi, Huruf Alif Ba Ta

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMenulisJawi (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMenulisJawiIOS (iOS)

9. Belajar Mengira Prasekolah

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMengiraPrasekolah (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarMengiraIOS (iOS)

10. Belajar Matematik, Tambah dan Tolak

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarTambahDanTolak (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarTambahTolakIOS (iOS)

11. Belajar Matematik, Darab dan Bahagi

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarDarabDanBahagi (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarDarabBahagiIOS (iOS)

12. Belajar Bahasa Arab, Huruf Hijaiyyah

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/BelajarArabHijaiyyah (android)

- App Store: https://bit.ly/BelajarArabHijaiyyahIOS (iOS)

13. Belajar Mengira Bahasa Arab

- Play Store: https://bit.ly/BelajarMengiraArab (android)

- App Store: https://bit.ly/BelajarMengiraArabIOS (iOS)

14. Belajar Menulis Hijaiyyah

- Play Store: https://bit.ly/BelajarMenulisHijaiyyah (android)

- App Store: https://bit.ly/BelajarMenulisHijaiyyahIOS (iOS)

You may find more and others from Source: “Syumul Studio” 

- Play Store: http://bit.ly/SyumulStudioPlayStore (android)

- App Store: http://bit.ly/SyumulStudioAppStore (iOS)

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