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It’s inevitable on child screen time - Few steps to protect your child vision with BenQ Eye Care Monitor

Due to the current pandemic, my kids are somehow stuck at home doing online classes. A prolong brightness of the monitor makes them tired, eyes are weary with old monitors flickers often. I am sure every parent had the same concern like I do on our kids but we would like to save up, and use old monitors as long as it could still functions well but didn't realise, we took their eyesight for granted. Little did I know flickers will hurt their eyes and one day I will earn up spending more money on spectacles. Since the cost of specs is relatively high, why not make a good start protecting your child vision?

Here are a few steps on how to take care of a child's eyesight. Firstly, you should provide them foods that are rich with Vitamin A to improve eyesight such as carrots, citrus fruits, whole grains, nuts and eggs. 

Secondly, reduce screen time for them. Nowadays, kids will always look at screens and playing games for a long time. Screens will emit UV light that can injure your eyes. This will be resulting to poor eyesight and they need the help of spectacles to see properly.

Thirdly, avoid reading or looking at phones in the dark. It is because reading in low light can lead to eye strain. Just like any muscle in the body, the eyes can get weak when overworked. Do read in a good light level to protect our eyesight.

Lastly, use monitors with eye care technology which can change the brightness accordingly with the environment's light level. Therefore, eye strain will not likely to happen and you can maintain a heathy eyesight.

We had just gotten ourself a BenQ GW2780T 27-inch Eye Care monitor that comes with Eye-care technology which is Brightness Intelligence Technology . It is comforting to the eye; at the same time, it can show me the sensor meter and environment lighting level in the monitor. Like myself, I would like a specific brightness for my use and my child use at different time, so I turn off the lighting sensor via the settings.   

BenQ is famous in the eye care market whereby it has the sensor technology (Brightness Intelligence) that controls the brightness. It could detect the brightness of the room to protect your eye vision so that our eyes are less strained after long hour using.

BenQ is comparable to the heavy-duty monitors that offers flexible stand, but with a more affordable pricing. Here I can adjust the height and tilt it too.


With this adjustable height stand function, I could adjust it to the desirable height. It is more comfortable and good for our spine health and avoid the kids to hunch back.

It comes with a (v1.4) & Display Port (v1.2)x1 & D-sub x1 cable to enable us to plug in to our laptop for 2 work on screens, plug in speakers dock and headphones jack for audio.

Apart from education use, kids can also use it for playing computer games, watch videos or movies in a comfortable and straight posture with a good monitor brightness sensor and settings. The monitor has many display options, including low blue light & flicker free for multimedia, web surfing, office and reading. It also enables us to control the sensor's sensitivity or turn it off, allowing manual setting.

BenQ Eye-Care Monitors are certified by TUV Rheinland, a global leader in technical and safety certification, for Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light performance that truly benefits human vision. As the first brand of Eye-Care monitors in the world, BenQ is committed to safeguarding vision health at the forefront of viewing comfort and enjoyment with this permanent addition to its monitor product line.

Other than that, it features a FHD IPS panel for a wide viewing angle. This gives the family a comfortable wide screen view.

In my opinion, this product is worth the price. No matter what lighting condition you are in, it will always give you a comfortable view with the presence of the monitor sensor. 

Do check out our review in youtube too. 

By the way, BenQ also has another size option for the monitor which is model GW2480T with 24" screen, with the same spec and design. If you wanted to know more, do check out their 3 year warranty plus on site pick up service too, which to me worth every penny spent:

BenQ GW2780T - https://bit.ly/3qOTUTz

Lazada - https://bit.ly/2Q2X8Gq

Shopee - https://bit.ly/3bLvTbK

For videos about BenQ monitor, do visit:




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